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Sound Healing in Asia

What is Sound Healing and can it really help us feel better?

With one foot firmly in the world of business and practical thinking and the other in holistic health, it’s easy for us to understand why Sound Healing might sound a bit out there! But wait… when was the last time you put on a particular song when you felt sad, only to feel better at the end? Soul Sanctuaries founder Joanne went off travelling at the speed of sound in Asia recently and here’s what happened.

“In Asia, Sound Therapy, like so many other holistic healing treatments, is considered an integral part of life. Visiting the divine Sacred River Spa at Four Seasons Sayan, I met a dear friend and former Buddhist Nun Ibu Fera to learn about how she uses sound to heal. Crystal healing bowls are used in the luxury Spa treatments there, resonating a celestial sound in the room. Here she is above, teaching my own, Bali born son how to use them. But, it’s Fera’s own creation, ‘The Sacred Nap’, which sent me off astral travelling. Cocooned in a comforting yoga sling, neck cushioned, she began by gently chanting mantras and rocking me in the sling. Vedic hymns or mantras can lull you into a deep state of meditation. Ibu Fera then began to recount the story of the Buddha, her delivery calm and nurturing. Drifting off into nothingness, I was brought back almost an hour later by the sweet smell of essential oils near my forehead and the gentle touch of her hand.

Music is an innate part of our being; it connects us and reflects our moods and aspirations. Sound can trigger responses and alter emotions, flooding the brain with the ‘feel good’ chemical dopamine. Just as sound reverberates at different frequencies, so do we. So can sound create positive brainwaves?

sound healing therapy
Joanne about to receive Tibetan Singing bowl sound healing at Thanyapura in Thailand

I set off to Thailand to experience a Sound Healing treatment with Dr. Sujeet Gupta, an Ayurvedic Doctor at Health and Wellness Retreat Thanyapura in Phuket. Lying down in a room, shrouded in warm towels, Dr. Sujeet applied singing bowls, each resonating a different sound along my body. There’s something entirely divine about a holistic treatment like this which is difficult to put into words. It has to be experienced!

Sound Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls

Dating back to the 12th century, Tibetan singing bowls have been used within meditation and rituals. Singing bowls are used to calm and balance the mind and are said to improve the immune system by tuning into problem areas and synchronising brainwaves to imitate the same frequency as the bowls. At the very least, you will feel super relaxed and buzzing in a good way!

The purifying vibrations continue at Kamalaya, one of our luxury wellness partners, set beachside in Koh Samui, Thailand. Visiting practitioner and Sound Healer, Muayad, is a specialist in the healing art of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Muayad is multi-skilled and is also a yoga teacher, massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, creating signature healing experiences for his guests. His Nepalese singing bowls, placed on the body, resonates deeply and his ‘Ultimate Therapy’ treatment combines the healing elements of meditation, Reiki, massages and singing bowls. Sounds rather celestial to me!”

At Soul Sanctuaries we curate individual healing holidays for our guests. Set within exclusive hideaways, take an inner journey of holistic healing, using time honoured therapies such as Sound Healing. If you’re interested in trying something more meaningful than just a luxury Spa treatment, drop us a line and we’ll magic up the rest!

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