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Our  sanctuaries for the soul include luxury healthy holidays across Asia including luxury yoga retreats, spiritual and meditation retreats, 5-star-fitness and weight loss holidays,  luxury detox retreats and tailored made spa holidays in stunning private villas and boutique resorts across Asian destinations such as Bali, Thailand, India and Bhutan. We honor Asia’s ancient healing traditions which treat the body, mind and soul as one. Our luxury wellness retreats encourage you to take time out from the stresses of everyday life and look within.

“As a former UK Advertising Director, stressed out, unhealthy and feeling at a crossroads, I ran away to Asia. That was 15 year’s and a dream come true ago”

“I was that stressed out business leader, feeling burnt out and questioning where my life’s purpose. Determined to help others find a healthy balance, to guide those looking for their purpose and to bring back vitality to stressed out individuals across the globe, Soul Sanctuaries was launched in 2012. Joanne, Owner and Sanctuary Supplier

We offer our clients amazing luxury wellness holidays across Asia in Thailand, India, Bhutan and Bali. Yoga Retreats in 5 star Health Resorts, Fitness Holidays with top trainers and the latest in luxury Detox Retreats.

If you’re seeking emotional balance, want to practice mindfulness or release stress, we’re here for you. We work with leading Health Experts and Asian Healers across Asia.

You won’t see heaps of choices at all prices levels on this website. We are totally authentic which means that we personally travel and experience our recommended wellness sanctuaries before adding these luxury healthy holidays as a private sanctuary for the soul (lucky us!). On our Soul Retreats, we do personal work with all practitioners before signing them to facilitate a retreat with us.

We are a luxury wellness travel company and we know Asia intimately, so expect spectacular unique retreat locations such as private islands, yachts and exotic lesser known hideaways.

First and foremost we want you to have a brilliant healthy holiday. Hard working and feeling super stressed, you may be looking simply to relax and rejuvenate with a spa pampering holiday. Or you may be at an emotional crossroads and want to experience a more transformational or spiritual retreat.

You have the option of booking one of our recommended wellness programs at any point during the year, taking a private villa experience or  joining one of our signature ‘Soul Retreats’.  Imagine a week of  emotional healing with yoga and meditation on a luxury private island or a spiritual tour of Java, visiting the ancient Buddhist and Hindu sites of Borobudur and Prambanan.

Before we finish up the intro, let us tell you the best part. Every time somebody books a holiday with us, you’ll pay the same price as anywhere else but part of your payment with us will go directly to a child in need through our Giving Program, Give a Little Soul a Sanctuary. Peace.