Immerse yourself in Balinese healing, yoga and meditation within dedicated health and wellness sanctuaries. Bali, the island of the gods

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Luxury Healthy Holidays and Spiritual Retreats in Bali

Bali is an island close to our hearts. The founder of Soul Sanctuaries, Joanne, lived on the island for over a decade, learning about Asian spirituality and seeking out local healers. Bali draws healthy people from all corners of the globe; to teach and learn yoga and meditation, to connect with the ocean through surfing or sacred water ceremonies or to become healthier by learning to eat, move and think in a more positive way.

A petite, Hindu island in the archipelago of Indonesia, the Balinese make daily offerings to the gods and hold regular ceremonies to honour them. As a tourist, it’s magical to see the ‘cenang’ (flower offerings), incense and lace adorned Balinese ladies on a daily basis. The slower pace of life here becomes infectious and it’s easy to relax quickly.

Whether you’re here to explore your inner self on a luxury yoga retreat or learn mindfulness in a luxury bamboo eco-sanctuary, you’ll become immersed in the rituals of Bali. With the advantage of knowing the island intimately, we can personalise your luxury wellness retreat to include Balinese energy healing with a local healer or a cleansing ceremony with a Hindu priest. We can book you a luxury private villa with a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist on call. Just let us know your interests and leave the rest to us.

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