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Sugarless Soul; A week sugar free Day 6


sugar free tipsPeople keep asking me what it’s like to go sugar free, and I have to say so far not too bad. I’m wondering whether it’s because my chocolate biscuit habit with a very English cup of tea was only one year in. Like a baby habit to break? But I’m told that it’s just my brain adjusting to not having the regular sweet treat.

In all honesty what I’d like to do is go a little longer without any sugar and then enjoy honey on my toast again and the odd cake when I feel like it.

How do I feel on Day 6?

Waking up more energised in the morning!

Proud that I’m taking care of what I put into my body, it’s not perfect but it’s my temple.

I’ve had some leg aches and pains yesterday but they disappeared today.

I feel slightly lighter already and with a bit of rpm I might even lose that muffin top!

Tomorrow I’ll do a round up of everything I learned this week so hope it’s been helpful to you all out there. If you’ve done something similar, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

If you’d love to eat well and have a luxury break at the same time, please do get in touch:



Sugarless Soul; A Week Sugar Free Day 4

Eve Persak

I’m so excited today to bring you tips on going sugar free from Expert Dietician Eve Persak MS RDN CNSC CSSD.I first met Eve when she was helping guests as a consultant for nutrition at the renowned COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali and I was so impressed by her depth of knowledge and attitude towards eating well. She is a Registered Dietitian and a board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is also among fewer than 4000 professionals worldwide to hold Certified Nutrition Support Clinician credentials. I’m feeling super grateful that she offered some tips on withdrawing from sugar. Let’s hear them then.. Read More

Sugarless Soul; A Sugar Free Week Day 3

I think that someone up there must have realised I might need some help with quitting sugar, because in the last 24 hours I’ve had two world leading holistic experts getting in touch to offer me help!  Multi award winning Paul Emery, Founder of QEPR offered some tapping techniques to assist with withdrawal from sugar. You’ll find Paul traversing the globe, offering his therapies to super models and high fliers alike. He works in some of the world’s finest luxury wellness resorts, helping people to lose bad habits and live with more balance and joy. So here’s what he suggested to help quit sugar. 


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Sugarless Soul; A Sugar Free Week Day 2

low fructose fruits

Quit sugar she said. I had a slight shooting headache this morning, which feels like dehydration but isn’t. It didn’t stopping me getting on with it, but it’s reminding me that it’s likely chocolate biscuit withdrawal. I got slightly irritated this morning when I discovered that loads of products have sugar in them ; fancied light cheese on a cracker – has sugar..oh and a bagel – has sugar. Resorted to porridge and added in a few low fructose fruits, raspberry and blueberry.

How did the rest of the day pan out? Like a rollercoaster!

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Sugarless Soul; A sugar free week Day 1

Soul Sanctuaries

Going Sugar Free.

In my early teens, I heard about diets and quickly realised that I am not the type of person suited to any of them. If I tell myself not to eat something, I literally obsess about it then feel super guilty when I give in to my desire. So why stop consuming sugar for a week (or hopefully a bit more)?

I’ve been spending more time in the UK, after living in Asia for over a decade and I indulged in chocolate and red wine. I was astounded to see how much sugar is now in heaps of different products on the supermarket shelves.

I quickly fell into munching biscuits at 10:00pm and stuffing my feelings with my favourite chocolate bar.

So here I am, going cold turkey Day 1 and I decided to lose the caffeine too. I don’t drink coffee but my tea drinking has exploded as you can imagine in Britain! Lets dive in and see how the day played out shall we?
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Make January 2015 count with luxury Detox Holidays

detox tea large

There’s something about beginning a New Year that really makes you feel like you have another crack at the whip. Life that is. After the excesses of the festive season, we can all feel a little sluggish and guilt ridden. What better way to begin January 2015 than by joining one of our luxury detox holidays. Asia is the perfect place to cleanse your system of toxins, whilst feeling pampered in the process and here at Soul Sanctuaries, we make it our job to source the best cleanse programs with expert practitioners across Asia.

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Meeting yourself in Codependency

luxury healing asia

 What is codependency anyway?

I reached a crisis in my life recently and, much as I’d convinced myself that I had it ‘all together’, I didn’t at all, my life had become unmanageable. Once I admitted that (and boy was that a hard thing to admit as a severe control addict!) it was rather refreshing and relieving to boot. And then things started to unravel…

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