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Alex and Sierra first gained fame when they auditioned for the popular TV show, The X Factor, in 2013. Their rendition of “Toxic” by Britney Spears impressed the judges and the audience, leading them to become one of the most beloved duos in the history of the show. However, it was their captivating performance of “Say Something” by A Great Big World that truly left a mark on the viewers. Here are 8 interesting facts about Alex and Sierra’s memorable performance of “Say Something” on The X Factor.

1. Emotional Connection: Alex and Sierra’s performance of “Say Something” was praised for their emotional connection and raw vulnerability. Their ability to convey the pain and heartbreak of the song resonated deeply with the audience, making it a standout moment in the competition.

2. Unique Arrangement: One of the reasons their performance stood out was their unique arrangement of the song. Alex and Sierra decided to strip down the original version, focusing on their harmonies and acoustic guitar, which added a sense of intimacy and authenticity to their performance.

3. Simon Cowell’s Praise: Simon Cowell, one of the judges on The X Factor, was known for his tough criticism. However, he was moved by Alex and Sierra’s performance, stating it was “one of the best” he had ever heard on any of his shows. Cowell’s praise carried significant weight and helped catapult the duo to stardom.

4. Chart Success: Following their performance of “Say Something,” Alex and Sierra’s rendition debuted at number one on the iTunes chart, beating out the original version by A Great Big World. This chart success showcased the power of their performance and the impact they had on the audience.

5. Grammy Award: The success continued for Alex and Sierra as their version of “Say Something” received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2015. Although they didn’t win the award, the nomination solidified their talent and recognition in the music industry.

6. YouTube Sensation: The video of Alex and Sierra’s performance of “Say Something” on The X Factor went viral on YouTube, accumulating millions of views within a short period. This exposure helped them gain a significant following and further propelled their music career.

7. Debut Album: After their X Factor journey, Alex and Sierra released their debut album, “It’s About Us,” which featured a studio version of their stunning rendition of “Say Something.” The album received positive reviews and showcased the duo’s ability to create original music that resonated with their audience.

8. Musical Breakthrough: Alex and Sierra’s performance of “Say Something” marked a breakthrough moment in their career. It solidified their unique sound as a duo and showcased their impeccable harmonies and emotional depth. This performance helped them establish themselves as artists to watch in the music industry.

Now, let’s address some common questions that fans may have about Alex and Sierra’s performance of “Say Something” on The X Factor:

Q1: Did Alex and Sierra win The X Factor?

A1: Yes, Alex and Sierra were crowned the winners of The X Factor in 2013.

Q2: How did their performance of “Say Something” affect their journey on the show?

A2: Their performance of “Say Something” became a turning point in the competition, propelling them to the finals and ultimately helping them win the show.

Q3: Who wrote the song “Say Something”?

A3: “Say Something” was written by Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino, and Mike Campbell.

Q4: Did Alex and Sierra release a studio version of “Say Something”?

A4: Yes, their studio version of “Say Something” was featured on their debut album, “It’s About Us.”

Q5: Did their performance of “Say Something” receive any awards?

A5: While their performance itself didn’t receive awards, their studio version of “Say Something” was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Q6: Did Alex and Sierra continue making music after The X Factor?

A6: Yes, they released several singles and their debut album after the show.

Q7: Did the success of “Say Something” open doors for them in the music industry?

A7: Absolutely, their success on The X Factor and the popularity of their performance of “Say Something” led to opportunities and recognition in the music industry.

Q8: What happened to Alex and Sierra after their win on The X Factor?

A8: They continued to make music for a few years before ultimately announcing their split as a duo in 2017.

Q9: Did Alex and Sierra ever perform “Say Something” live after The X Factor?

A9: Yes, they performed “Say Something” on various talk shows and live events following their X Factor win.

Q10: Did Alex and Sierra collaborate with A Great Big World?

A10: While they didn’t collaborate with A Great Big World, their performance of “Say Something” introduced the song to a wider audience.

Q11: What other songs did Alex and Sierra perform on The X Factor?

A11: Some of the songs they performed on The X Factor included “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, and “Gravity” by John Mayer.

Q12: Did Alex and Sierra write their own songs?

A12: Yes, they co-wrote several songs on their debut album and continued to write their own music throughout their career.

Q13: Are Alex and Sierra still together as a couple?

A13: No, Alex and Sierra ended their romantic relationship in 2016 but remained friends and continued to make music together until their split as a duo in 2017.

Q14: Did Alex and Sierra have any other chart-topping songs?

A14: While “Say Something” was their most successful song, they also had other charting singles like “Scarecrow” and “Little Do You Know.”

Q15: Did Alex and Sierra perform “Say Something” on their tour?

A15: Yes, “Say Something” was a staple in their setlist during their tour following The X Factor.

Q16: Did Alex and Sierra release any music videos for “Say Something”?

A16: They released a music video for their studio version of “Say Something,” which garnered millions of views on YouTube.

Q17: Did Alex and Sierra perform “Say Something” on other TV shows?

A17: Yes, they performed “Say Something” on shows like The Today Show and Live with Kelly and Michael.

In conclusion, Alex and Sierra’s performance of “Say Something” on The X Factor was a defining moment in their career. It showcased their musical talent, emotional depth, and ability to connect with an audience. Their rendition of the song became a chart-topping hit, earned them Grammy recognition, and solidified their place as a beloved duo in the music industry. Despite their eventual split, their performance of “Say Something” remains a testament to their undeniable talent and the impact they made during their time on The X Factor.

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