Your 2012 Spiritual Guide to Bali

“Beyond our individual Soul is the One, just being in this timeless moment, right now, right here.” Ram Dass

At Soul Sanctuaries it’s our mission to offer authentic healing experiences and luxury wellness programs so we’re always on the search for gifted healers and practitioners in Asian places such as the mystical island of Bali. We like to know who’s offering gentle cleanses and 5 star detox programs, uncover traditional Balinese healers and be in the know on Bali’s spiritual retreats.

So what does the beginning of 2012 have in store for Soul seekers?

The first Bali Usada  Meditation Retreat takes place from 19th to 25th February. We recommend this retreat for beginners and experienced meditators alike. It’s a wonderful way to begin to look within and heal oneself.

If you find yourself drawn to Bali mid March then why not allow some balance into your life and join a wellness program with us at Tembok Spa Village in the North of the island. Re-position yourself and retreat from the stresses of everyday life by combining yoga, meditation and tranquil beach walks with fruit enzyme body wraps and traditional massages. Try to time your vacation over March 19th and you’ll see world famous Argentian band ‘Los Pingous’, who are performing there too.

Bali Spirit Festival takes place in Ubud from March 28th to April 1st with a superb line up of yogi’s, meditation gurus, musical maestros and healers. Take a pass and dip in and out of asanas as you like!

Just a few of the energy lifting, Seva fulfilling events, which are happening over the next few months. We’re here to offer helpful advice and information because it’s true that you feel your best when you’re helping others!If you’d like any assistance with finding a little spot of luxury during your stay just let us know!

Om Shanti

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