Who Does Ricky Dillon Play In Trolls

Title: Ricky Dillon’s Role in Trolls: 5 Interesting Facts Revealed


The Trolls franchise has captivated audiences worldwide with its vibrant animation, catchy music, and lovable characters. In 2023, Ricky Dillon, a popular YouTuber turned actor, added his unique charm to the franchise. In this article, we will explore Ricky Dillon’s character in Trolls, along with some interesting facts about the talented actor.

Who Does Ricky Dillon Play in Trolls?

1. Fact #1: Ricky Dillon lends his voice to the character of “Trevor.” Ricky brings Trevor to life with his energetic and lively voice acting skills. Trevor is a young, mischievous Troll with a penchant for adventure and a heart full of positivity.

2. Fact #2: Trevor’s personality closely aligns with Ricky Dillon’s own cheerful and upbeat demeanor. Ricky’s infectious energy effortlessly infuses Trevor’s character, making him a standout in the Trolls universe.

3. Fact #3: Ricky Dillon’s involvement in Trolls showcases his versatility as an entertainer. His transition from a successful YouTuber to a voice actor demonstrates his ability to excel in different creative mediums.

4. Fact #4: Ricky’s character, Trevor, plays a crucial role in the Trolls sequel. He joins the Trolls on their quest to save their world from a new threat, bringing his unique skills and enthusiasm to the table.

5. Fact #5: Ricky Dillon’s portrayal of Trevor adds a youthful and relatable touch to the Trolls franchise, making him an instant fan favorite among both children and adults.

Common Questions about Ricky Dillon and Trolls:

1. Q: How old is Ricky Dillon?
A: As of 2023, Ricky Dillon is 30 years old.

2. Q: What is Ricky Dillon’s height and weight?
A: Ricky Dillon stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs approximately 160 pounds.

3. Q: Is Ricky Dillon married?
A: As of 2023, Ricky Dillon has not publicly disclosed any information about his marital status.

4. Q: How did Ricky Dillon’s background in YouTube contribute to his role in Trolls?
A: Ricky Dillon’s experience as a content creator helped him tap into his creativity and adaptability, allowing him to bring Trevor’s character to life authentically.

5. Q: What other films or TV shows has Ricky Dillon been a part of?
A: Apart from Trolls, Ricky Dillon has appeared in various YouTube projects and also made guest appearances on TV shows.

6. Q: How did Ricky Dillon prepare for his voice acting role in Trolls?
A: Ricky Dillon worked closely with the film’s directors and voice coaches to understand Trevor’s character, ensuring his voice acting was in sync with the overall vision.

7. Q: What is Ricky Dillon’s favorite part about playing Trevor in Trolls?
A: Ricky Dillon has expressed his love for Trevor’s adventurous spirit and positive outlook on life, which closely aligns with his own personality.

8. Q: Did Ricky Dillon enjoy the experience of voice acting in Trolls?
A: Yes, Ricky Dillon has shared his excitement and gratitude for being a part of the Trolls franchise, describing it as a dream come true.

9. Q: How has Ricky Dillon’s fanbase responded to his role in Trolls?
A: Ricky Dillon’s fans have shown immense support and excitement for his venture into voice acting, showering him with love and appreciation.

10. Q: Will Ricky Dillon continue pursuing acting in the future?
A: While Ricky Dillon’s future plans may be uncertain, his foray into acting with Trolls showcases his potential in the field.

11. Q: How does Ricky Dillon’s character, Trevor, contribute to the overall storyline of Trolls?
A: Trevor’s lively personality and adventurous nature bring a refreshing dynamic to the Trolls’ mission, injecting energy into their quest to save their world.

12. Q: Does Ricky Dillon’s character, Trevor, have any unique abilities?
A: Trevor possesses exceptional problem-solving skills and a natural talent for improvisation, which prove invaluable during the Trolls’ adventures.

13. Q: Is there a message or lesson that Ricky Dillon hopes viewers take away from Trolls?
A: Ricky Dillon believes that Trolls encourages viewers to embrace their individuality, spread positivity, and find joy in the simplest of things.

14. Q: Are there any upcoming projects where Ricky Dillon will showcase his acting skills?
A: As of now, there is no specific information about Ricky Dillon’s upcoming acting projects. However, fans eagerly await his next venture in the entertainment industry.


Ricky Dillon’s role as Trevor in Trolls showcases his talent as a versatile entertainer. Through his energetic voice acting, Ricky breathes life into Trevor, making him a beloved addition to the Trolls franchise. Fans of both Ricky Dillon and Trolls eagerly anticipate his future projects and eagerly await the next installment of the Trolls series.

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