Where Was Teen Wolf The Movie Filmed

Where Was Teen Wolf The Movie Filmed? 8 Interesting Facts

Teen Wolf, the 1985 American fantasy-comedy film, gained a cult following for its unique blend of humor, romance, and werewolf mythology. The movie follows Scott Howard, a high school student who discovers he is a werewolf and finds himself torn between his newfound popularity and his true self. While the film’s storyline captivated audiences, many fans also wondered where the movie was filmed. Here are 8 interesting facts about the filming locations of Teen Wolf.

1. The majority of Teen Wolf was filmed in Los Angeles, California. While the movie is set in the fictional town of Beacontown, the actual shooting took place in various locations across the city.

2. The high school scenes were filmed at Venice High School, located in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles. This iconic public school has been featured in several other movies, including Grease and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

3. The basketball scenes, which play a significant role in the film, were shot at various schools in the Los Angeles area. The most notable location was the gymnasium at Mira Costa High School, located in Manhattan Beach. The gym was transformed into the home court for the Beacontown High School Beavers.

4. The famous “Surfin’ USA” van, driven by Scott Howard’s best friend, Stiles, was filmed cruising the streets of Los Angeles. The van became an iconic symbol of the movie and is still recognized by fans today.

5. The house used as Scott Howard’s home in the movie is located in South Pasadena, a city in Los Angeles County. The cozy residence is situated on El Centro Street and has become a popular spot for fans to visit.

6. The infamous “Wolfmobile,” a yellow Volkswagen van that Scott Howard rides in werewolf form, was filmed driving around various streets in Los Angeles. The van became synonymous with the movie and is often remembered as one of its most memorable elements.

7. The climactic basketball game between the Beacontown Beavers and the Dragons was filmed at the Pasadena City College’s Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium. The intense match was a highlight of the film and showcased Scott Howard’s werewolf abilities on the court.

8. The final scene of the movie, where Scott Howard returns to his normal self and wins the championship game with a last-second shot, was filmed at Occidental College in Los Angeles. The college’s Rush Gymnasium provided the perfect backdrop for this triumphant moment.

17 Common Questions About Teen Wolf Filming Locations

1. Is Beacontown a real place?

No, Beacontown is a fictional town created for the movie. The filming locations are scattered throughout Los Angeles.

2. Where was the high school in Teen Wolf filmed?

The high school scenes were filmed at Venice High School in Los Angeles.

3. What location was used for the basketball scenes?

Various schools were used for the basketball scenes, but the main gymnasium was at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach.

4. Where can I find the “Surfin’ USA” van?

The “Surfin’ USA” van was filmed driving around the streets of Los Angeles, but its current whereabouts are unknown.

5. Where is Scott Howard’s house located?

Scott Howard’s house is located on El Centro Street in South Pasadena.

6. What happened to the Wolfmobile after filming?

The Wolfmobile’s fate after filming remains unknown.

7. Was the basketball game filmed in a real college gym?

Yes, the climactic basketball game was filmed at the Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium at Pasadena City College.

8. Where was the final scene filmed?

The final scene, where Scott Howard wins the championship game, was filmed at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

9. Did the actors film on location in Los Angeles?

Yes, the actors filmed on location in various parts of Los Angeles.

10. Are any of the filming locations open to the public?

Venice High School and Mira Costa High School are public schools that can be visited, but specific access to filming locations may vary.

11. Did the movie showcase any famous Los Angeles landmarks?

While the movie primarily focused on the fictional town of Beacontown, some street scenes feature recognizable Los Angeles landmarks.

12. Were there any challenges in filming on location in Los Angeles?

Filming on location in Los Angeles presented the usual challenges of dealing with traffic and coordinating with various locations.

13. Did the filming locations contribute to the movie’s overall atmosphere?

The filming locations helped create the suburban, high school setting that played a significant role in the movie’s atmosphere.

14. Were any scenes filmed outside of Los Angeles?

No, all the scenes were filmed within Los Angeles.

15. Are there any guided tours that showcase Teen Wolf filming locations?

As of now, there are no specific guided tours dedicated to Teen Wolf filming locations.

16. Did the filming locations undergo any significant changes after the movie was released?

Most of the filming locations remained unchanged after the movie was released, except for the houses and surroundings that naturally evolved over time.

17. Are there any plans to remake Teen Wolf in the future?

As of now, there are no official plans for a remake of the original Teen Wolf movie.

Final Thoughts

Teen Wolf remains a beloved film for its nostalgic charm and unique take on the werewolf genre. While the fictional town of Beacontown may not exist, the real-life filming locations in Los Angeles have become iconic landmarks for fans. From Venice High School to the Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium, these locations hold a special place in the hearts of Teen Wolf enthusiasts. Exploring these spots allows fans to relive the magic and excitement of the movie while experiencing the vibrant city where it all came to life.

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