When did choosing a yoga class become so complicated?

Once upon a time you just rocked up at your local yoga center (or open yoga shala if you’re lucky and live in Asia) and be guaranteed a good, traditional yoga experience to revitalize body and soul.

These days, even in the mystical island of Bali, it’s sometimes difficult to choose your yoga path. You can find yoga set to techno (not my bag!), hot yoga (for goodness sake don’t mention the B word otherwise you might be sued!) or a copyrighted form of Hatha yoga which centers on balancing on your arms for half the class. And, for those of us who can’t bare to share, private yoga classes.



I thought about this, while chanting a mantra to music during a kundalini yoga this morning. Singing at the top of my lungs, heart open to anyone who could bare my off tone singing, I remembered that I used to detest anything close to kirtan. I know detest is a strong word, but it really used to put the hair on the back of my neck on end! Yet there I was this morning, loving the yoga class and adoring the chants.

There have been some recent debates in the international press about luxury yoga retreats. In reality,  all we need is a yoga mat or a decent floor and a bit of peace and determination. But isn’t it fun to dip into the original you at a yoga retreat in tropical and luxurious surroundings too?

I guess its all about what really floats your boat. Looking into yourself and deciding what’s going to help you to balance out your life, let your soul soar and allow creativity in. And that’s exactly what we’ll be focusing on in our Soul Sanctuaries portfolio of luxury wellness holidays.

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