What’s your relationship with money?

money relationship

I’ve been exploring my relationship with money and what beliefs I grew up with that might be impeding the abundance I seek in life. As soon as I began to really look in-depth at that part of my life, it was illuminated and I got to look at some pretty ugly stuff. I decided to begin this year with a 40 Day Prosperity Plan, which was a series of affirmations and short meditations.

Meditating daily in itself is awesome and focusing on what I’m grateful for right now helps me out of any self pity and fear of lack. If in doubt, try writing a gratitude list when feel lacking in some area.


I recently watched several Tony Robbins videos. In the past I would have shied away from such bold, male acts of enthusiasm but I’m a great believer in seeing or reading things when you’re ready and he totally rocked!

He gave me two minutes to consider what I’d heard about money growing up:

You have to work hard for your money

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Money is the root of all evil

We can’t afford that

It costs too much

Take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

This was my blueprint, my relationship to money. Robbins asks some thought provoking questions such as “What was it costing my life not to have financial abundance?”

I believe money offers choices (and fleeting happiness). It’s a measure of my conscious output. Trying to maintain an attitude of gratitude, helps me to see what I have in my life at that given moment.

Joanne McFarlane

When I launched Soul Sanctuaries, it was important to see myself as a giver. Someone who could help others live with balance and vitality in a world that was always in a rush. Someone who could give a portion of her takings to children in need. But I forgot to include myself, only roughly sketching my needs along the way.

Today I’m on a journey of financial inspiration and am soaking up as many positive vibes and financial advice along the way. For me, it’s not only about banking my business well, but also bankrolling the abundant life I want to lead. I love to travel so experiences will always come high on my list.

I’m turning my association with money around, one day at a time;

Making money is an investment in my joy!

I’m worth it

It’s a pleasure having money in abundance and a joy to create

I love to spread my finances, helping myself and others 

My financial abundance leaves me free to unleash my creativity

Please let me know how you feel about money; have you had success or a lack which you’d like to share by commenting below. We’re all in it together.

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