What To Say To Someone That Got Engaged

Title: What To Say To Someone That Got Engaged: Celebrating Love in 2024


Love is a beautiful journey, and getting engaged marks a significant milestone in one’s life. When someone close to you announces their engagement, it is essential to offer your heartfelt congratulations and support. However, finding the right words to express your joy and excitement can sometimes be challenging. In this article, we will explore what to say to someone that got engaged in 2024, along with five interesting facts about engagements. Additionally, we will address common questions you may have regarding their age, height, weight, and spouse.

5 Interesting Facts About Engagements:

1. The Average Age of Engagements:

According to recent data, the average age for engagement has been steadily increasing over the years. In 2024, the average age for engagement is approximately 28 for women and 30 for men. This shift can be attributed to various factors, including career aspirations, financial stability, and the desire to establish oneself before taking the next step in a committed relationship.

2. The Symbolism of the Engagement Ring:

The engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love and commitment. Traditionally, engagement rings feature a diamond, symbolizing eternal love and strength. However, personal preferences have diversified over the years, with gemstone rings and unique designs gaining popularity. In 2024, you may find an array of stunning engagement ring styles, from classic solitaires to vintage-inspired designs.

3. The Rise of Destination Engagements:

In recent years, destination engagements have become increasingly popular. Couples are opting to celebrate their love in picturesque locations, creating unforgettable memories. From beachside proposals to scenic mountain getaways, destination engagements offer a romantic and intimate setting for couples to embark on their journey towards marriage. In 2024, you might encounter stories of breathtaking proposal destinations that will leave you in awe.

4. Celebrating Love with Technology:

Technology has transformed the way we communicate, and engagements are no exception. In 2024, virtual engagements and creative proposal videos have become more prevalent. With the rise of social media platforms, couples are sharing their joyous news with the world through live streams, engagement announcements, and heartfelt posts, allowing loved ones to be a part of their special moment, no matter the distance.

5. The Joy of Wedding Planning:

An engagement is just the beginning of an exciting journey that leads to wedding planning. In 2024, couples are embracing a variety of wedding styles and themes, ranging from intimate garden ceremonies to lavish destination weddings. Engaged couples may appreciate your support and interest in their wedding plans. Offering your assistance or asking about their vision for the big day can showcase your genuine excitement for their future together.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. How did they get engaged?

Each engagement story is unique and personal. It’s best to ask the couple directly and allow them to share their special moment with you.

2. How long have they been together?

The duration of their relationship may vary. Some couples may have been together for a few years, while others may have found love more recently. The important thing is to celebrate their commitment regardless of the length of their relationship.

3. When is the wedding?

Wedding dates are typically determined after an engagement. While some couples may have a specific date in mind, others may take their time to plan and enjoy the engagement period. It’s considerate to express your excitement and interest in their wedding plans, but avoid pressuring them for a date.

4. How tall are they? What is their weight?

Height and weight are personal details that are not necessarily relevant to the celebration of an engagement. Focus on congratulating the couple and expressing your happiness for their commitment instead.

5. What does their spouse do for a living?

Inquiring about their spouse’s occupation can be seen as a polite conversation starter. However, remember that the primary focus should be on their love and engagement rather than professional details.

6. Have they set a budget for the wedding?

Wedding budgets are personal decisions and can vary significantly. While it’s natural to be curious about their plans, it’s best to avoid delving into their financial matters unless they willingly share that information.

7. Are they planning a big wedding?

The scale of the wedding can be a personal choice influenced by various factors. Some couples may opt for a large celebration with friends and family, while others may prefer a more intimate affair. Respect their decision and offer support for their chosen style of celebration.

8. What is their dream honeymoon destination?

Honeymoon destinations often depend on the couple’s preferences, budget, and desired experiences. Asking about their dream honeymoon can be an exciting conversation starter, allowing them to share their aspirations and plans.

9. Will they move in together after the wedding?

Living arrangements after marriage can differ from couple to couple. Some may choose to move in together immediately, while others may take their time for personal or logistical reasons. Respect their choices and offer support for their transition into married life.

10. How did their families react to the engagement news?

Family dynamics and reactions to engagement news can vary. While it’s natural to be curious, remember that family matters are personal, and it’s best to allow the couple to share any details they feel comfortable with.

11. Will they have a traditional wedding ceremony?

The choice of a traditional or non-traditional wedding ceremony is entirely up to the couple’s preferences. Some may opt for a conventional ceremony, while others may choose a more personalized approach. Celebrate their decision and offer your support for their unique vision.

12. Have they chosen their wedding party?

The selection of a wedding party is a personal decision that varies from couple to couple. They may have already chosen their wedding party or may still be in the process of deciding. Show your interest and excitement about their choices, but avoid putting pressure on them.

13. Will there be any cultural or religious customs incorporated into the wedding?

Cultural and religious customs can play an important role in wedding celebrations. If you know the couple’s background or traditions, you can inquire about their plans respectfully. However, be mindful of their comfort level and avoid making assumptions.

14. How can I help and support them during this time?

Offering your genuine support and assistance can mean the world to an engaged couple. Let them know that you are there for them, whether it’s helping with wedding preparations, offering a listening ear, or providing emotional support. Your presence and care will be greatly appreciated.


Getting engaged is a joyous occasion that marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment. When someone close to you shares their engagement news, it’s important to offer your sincere congratulations and support. In 2024, engagements come with various interesting trends, such as rising average ages, diverse engagement ring styles, destination proposals, and the use of technology to celebrate and share the moment. Remember to focus on celebrating their love, rather than asking personal details such as height, weight, or specific financial matters. Instead, inquire about their engagement story, wedding plans, and express your willingness to support them throughout their journey. By considering these tips and questions, you can ensure that your engagement wishes are heartfelt and genuine.

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