Como Luxury Spa Retreats

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Luxury Spa Retreats and Wellness Holidays in Bali, Asia

Luxury Spa Retreats are and should be the most indulgent experiences of a lifetime and Como Shambhala exceeds expectations. The hip tropical hang out of many a celebrity over the years, Como offers two perfect spa retreat packages to allow you to unwind and pamper yourself.

Modern day, fast paced living can have a profound negative effect on both our bodies and souls. Set within the tropical wilderness of the estate, the Stress Management program takes inspiration from simpler times. Drawing upon the Eastern ancient practices of Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi  and Chi Kung, your advisers will tailor an individual stress management strategy. Combining time-honored traditions in a breathtaking location with expert wellness advice and relaxation therapies, you’ll leave feeling a deeper connection and peace within.

The Rejuvenate Program is a mixture of high end pampering with expert nutritional solutions for improving weight, energy, appearance and digestive health as well as food intolerance and allergies. All of these contribute to the aging progress so Rejuvenate programs focus on natural ways in which to slow the aging process. Facial treatments are divine and include Como’s own Purify range as well as Guinot preparations.

These are a great option for traveling couples; while she’s off to the spa, he’s practicing Chi Kung…or visa versa of course!

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An hour away from the hustle and bustle of South Bali, Como Shambhala is located near to Ubud's center. The residences are scattered over a sprawling tropical estate, its exclusivity truly lies in the majestic beauty of its setting.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Como Shambhala is not only situated in one of the most stunning tropical locations in the world, it's also a really authentic health retreat with its team of onsite international specialists including an Ayurvedic Doctor who can give advice on nutrition, yoga therapy and osteopathy. A resident nurse and dieticians are also onsite to ensure optimum health and wellness throughout the programs.

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If you're de-stressing you'll be in yoga wear, doing asana's, tai chi and meditation. Your meals will be healthy and delicious, helping to purify the body while you work on soothing the soul!If you simply want to preen and pamper then you'll be heading for the spa to naturally slow down the aging process with treatments such as Guinot facials.

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Soul Food

With an expert Nutritionist onsite to guide you through the program, you’ll quickly become conscious of the beneficial effects of good food. Como Shambhala has two beautiful restaurants. Our personal favorite is Kudus House, an ancient Javanese house which serves breakfast and dinner. Beautifully lit at night, it offers a peaceful gourmet experience.

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Who is it for

The De-Stress program is for world weary, hard working individuals who deserve to switch off and reconnect . Enough is enough, the world is spinning too fast, please let me get off ! Rejuvenate Programs are for those of us feeling a little jaded around the edges, in need of a bit of revitalization to regain that feel good factor.