Weight Loss Retreat at Chiva Som

Hua Hin, Thailand

Luxury Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand

Our featured weight loss retreats in Asia which can deliver not only short term gains but also long term sustainable health. We’ve all tried fad diets which seem to work at the time, until you return to your regular eating patterns and stack the weight back on. Working towards your ideal health weight requires dedication and a change of mindset to boot. That’s why weight loss retreats are perfect; seperated from stressful triggers, in a luxury environment (a spot of pampering always helps!) with expert training and advice.

Chiva Som Weight Loss Retreats

The Chiva Som Weight Loss Retreat includes superb personal training and nutritional advice. Improving your lifestyle as well as shedding excess weight, is essential to maintaining health long term. Losing weight in a sustainable way helps to improve energy levels, resistance to disease and reduce many symptoms of ill health. With a long term vision for health, education plays an essential role in every luxury weight loss retreat

The Weight Loss Retreat Programs range from 5 to 21 nights and are focused on two pillars of nutrition and activity.

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Chiva Som is located in Hua Hin which is approximately two to two and half hours South of Bangkok. Your transfer can be organized via private Mercedes Benz. In Thai history Hua Hin was a place the Thai elite flocked to. Chiva Som celebrates twenty years here at the forefront of luxury health and wellness.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Chiva Som offers a highly personalized approach to weight loss and gaining a healthier lifestyle. Combining Western science with Asian holistic treatments, this luxury weight loss retreat includes invigorating massages, private training sessions, unlimited use of the water therapy suites (sauna, steam and Jacuzzi) and nutritional consultation.

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You will recieve a pre-arrival health form and then a wellness consultation on arrival at the resort. You will work closely with personal trainers and nutritionists to correct your lifestyle, improve your vitality and monitor dietary patterns. This wellness retreat is all about losing weight in a sustainable way.

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Soul Food

Chiva Som's multi award winning cuisine is a highlight of this weight loss retreat. There's no 'going without' in this program. Reflecting healthy everyday life, your nutritionist will offer personalized nutritional advice and there are lots of menu choices with meat, fish and of course vegetarian options.

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Who is it for

Are you tired of feeling tired? You may have overworked and got into the habit of grabbing fast food or skipping meals only to indulge late into the night. You've tried fad diets and the weight just seems to come back and then some. You're at the point in your life where you can't ignore the health consequences and believe us, you're worth it!