MesaStila Weight Loss Holidays

Weight Loss Holidays and Spa and Fitness Retreats in Asia

MesaStila Weight Loss Holidays are not all about high tech equipment in an air conditioned gym. You’ll be on the jungle gym, lifting rocks, cycling in the jungle or learning the traditional martial art Pencat Silat. We think these weight loss holidays are brilliant for men and women because you can tailor each fitness program to include workouts as varied as yoga to boot camp training.

For those who want to combine fitness with weight management, an individually tailored Vitality Weight Loss Retreat between 3-7 nights offers personal guidance and instruction. They encourage a lifestyle approach to fitness and long term weight management and improved well-being. Exercise focuses on improving body shape and muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness with yoga to reduce stress and hiking and biking to reconnect with nature.

The food is super nutritious and we enjoyed receiving our daily Jamu drinks (traditional healthy juices). Java has a great history of traditional medicine through traditional healers called Dukuns. They use herbal remedies to alleviate all manners of constitutional upsets.

We loved the spa facilities, complete with an authentic Turkish Hammam. Can you believe it? Traditional Turkish cleanses in the middle of the Javanese jungle! Organic meals, healthy juices, morning yoga and outdoor fitness activities all provide a relaxing escape from daily life.

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MesaStila (formerly known as Losari Coffee Plantation) is located in Central Java in Indonesia. It's a fair drive to get there but on arrival, you'll travel into an era of colonial elegance. You stay right inside the coffee plantation itself, which is set within fifty five acres, encircled by eight volcanoes.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

This is a sprawling estate,a throwback to the Colonial Era within lush thickets of bamboo and a distant volcano backdrop. You'll certainly be away from it all, giving you a chance to focus on your fitness and we adored the Hammam and Spa with Turkish treatments to soothe aching muscles!

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Mesastila hosts South East Asia's only Hammam. It's a beautiful mozaic tiled spa with treatments which include the coffee bean grown there (known for it's high anti oxidant levels). We loved the steam session, soap cleanse and body exfoliation post workout. Massages can assist with lymphatic system drainage, helping the body to release toxins.

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Soul Food

We were surprised by the standard of healthy organic cuisine since it really is rural. They believe healthy cuisine does not mean tasteless.You'll find low fat, low glycemic options and we'd suggest making the most of local dishes. They also offer Protein Recovery meals and Anti-oxidant and Detox soups and the like.

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Who is it for

These weight loss programs are suitable for both fitness beginners who want to learn a new sustainable healthy way of living and for exercise enthusiasts keen to gain optimum weight. You will be challenged during the program but just think of the divine massages and steam baths at the end of the day! Perfect for couples as sports range from yoga to martial arts and jungle gym.