Indian Luxury Weight Loss Holidays

Dehadrun, India

Indian Luxury Weight Loss Holidays with Soul Sanctuaries

India is just the perfect place to experience luxury weight loss holidays. It has it all ; 5 star service, locations to die for, totally authentic and highly qualified health practitioners in both scientific and alternative fields and brilliant weather. You might not initially have India in mind when you’re considering a 5 star healthy holiday. You may think it just a few too many hours away. Think again.

We are one of  few luxury wellness travel consultants to have the opportunity to work closely with this incredible Indian wellness sanctuary, referred to as ‘an ashram of the contemporary world’.

Bringing together ayurveda, tibetan healing, yoga, natural therapies, spa, fitness and aqua, this 5 star wellness retreat provides many paths to reach the same goal, starting a journey personal wellbeing.

Although we will outline one of the Weight Loss Retreat options here, all programs are highly personalized and can change according to your needs throughout the program. An initial wellness consultation the wellness consultant and resident nutirtionist will establish a directive for your wellness program and you’ll be carefully monitored throughout.

Healthy body weights are achieved through a mindful approach to eating, including appropriate physical activity, supported by various treatments from the sanctuary’s wellness offering.


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Vana is located in Dehadrun, a most spiritual place in India.  Dehradun is in the Indian State of Uttarakhand, well-connected to New Delhi and Mumbai by air and train. With stunning contemporary design, it sits on 21 acres of land, its blessed with its own orchards of mango and lychee.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Vana look at each guest entirely as an individual, observing the physical, mental, physical and emotional states. Whichever program you choose, you'll be cared for by an expert in their field. The estate itself is a contemporary work of art as Vana believe that everything contributes to wellbeing including art, architecture and aroma!

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Your personalized weight loss holiday could include morning yoga and meditation, swimming, tennis or private fitness instruction. Your nutritionist will assist with mindful cuisine choices and you'll enjoy Indian ayurvedic spa treatments designed in line with your healthy body goals.

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Soul Food

Looks like a work of art, is mindfully prepared and highly nutritious too. Tailoring for all types, they have non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan meal options. There are two restaurants to choose from – Salana, inspired by a variety of cuisines and is based on their wellness principles, and Ańayu, bringing together subliminal Indian cuisine with ayurvedic principles and gastronomical techniques.

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Who is it for

For those who want to achieve their ideal body weight in a healthy, sustainable way. No fad dieting or boot camps regimes here. You'll recieve 5 star service, highly personalized wellness programs and will learn a lifetime of healthy living tips along the way!