Kamalaya Weight Loss Holidays

Koh Samui, Thailand

Luxury Weight Loss Holidays - Detox and Fitness in Koh Samui, Thailand

Weight loss holidays in Thailand at Kamalaya are designed to not only address physical imbalance but also related emotional patterns too. One of the things we loved about Kamalaya is their combination of medical science and holistic therapies.  There are plenty of naturopaths and healers on site to guide you through the process and a steady stream of visiting practitioners from all corners of the world add to the wellness resorts offering.

Weight Loss holidays at Kamalaya are not of the ‘fad diet’ variety (lets face it, we’ve all tried them and they seldom work for long!). Instead a healthy program which is sustainable long term is suggested, which helps you to lose unwanted pounds, revitalize and help to achieve optimal weight.

A combination of personal fitness sessions, dietary advice, Traditional Chinese medicine and healthy cuisine help you to slim down and start to feel more clear and vital.

Koh Samui has long been favored by Buddhist monks as a place of spiritual retreat. The resort was actually built around a centuries-old cave, once used by Buddhist monks as a place for meditation. We felt a very calm and nurturing energy at Kamalaya.



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We know Thailand really well and usually Koh Samui wouldn't be our first destination on the 'must visit' map but you know what, Kamalaya is a total holistic jewel on this island. It's perched on a hillside, amongst the tropical palms and overlooking the ocean on the islands Southern coast which is by far less touristy.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Owners John and Karina Stewart both have rich histories of experience in Asian philosophy, Traditional Chinese medicine and Holistic healing therapies. Their vision combines Western scientific knowledge with ancient Eastern practices which work to promote healthy long term lives for those who visit.

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During a weight loss holiday expect a wellness consultation, fitness evaluation nutritional guidance and healthy cuisine menu. There are daily holistic fitness activities which are all included such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and personal training.

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Soul Food

How can food which sounds so healthy taste so good? Low allergenic, low glycemic, high energy cuisine is in order at Kamalaya. The meals are nutritious and filling so don't worry about feeling hungry and enjoy your new found energy levels!

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Who is it for

For those who feel uncomfortable in their bodies and frustrated in their souls. You want to lose excess pounds and also regain that vitality back, all in the lap of luxury of course! Good for those who fancy trying some new fitness activities which are easy to do at home too!