Personal Bali Detox Retreat

Bali Detox Retreats and Weight Loss Holidays

If you’re not the type to join a Bali detox retreat at a resort or in a group, why not try one of our private 7 day detox holidays. Stay in a luxury villa and, after a one to one consultation, start a personal detox in the privacy of your own villa. Our Soul Detox Facilitator will guide you through the entire process and be on call both throughout your week of cleanse and post detox (which is just as important!).

This detox holiday gives you the opportunity to eliminate toxins and start to love your body again. You’ll be participating in light exercise such as water aerobics, yoga and walks only. Gentle exercise will help to stimulate the lymphatic system.

We provide a 7 day naturopathic colon cleanse with a blend of 24 herbs specially formulated to cleanse and detoxify the liver and digestive system.

We have three different levels of  Bali Detox Retreats, which are dependent on your current health and fitness;

* The Balancing Cleanse (light): 7 day program of herbs and cleansing drinks with a modified diet of mostly fruit, salads, and raw & steamed vegetables.

* The Rejuvenation Cleanse (moderate): 7 days of herbs and cleansing drinks, the first 4 days with the above diet, the following 3 days with just juice and water.

* The Transformation Cleanse (deep): 7 days of herbs and cleansing drinks with all 7 days having only juice and water.

A blend of Liver Tonic, Toxin Absorbers and Intestinal Sweeps encourage the release and removal of toxins, help to loosen matter in the colon and eliminate it from the body.

Post detox retreat, its important to gently ease yourself back into eating solids. You’ll be given a suggested menu plan and some Friendly Flora to re-colonize the intestine with healthy bacteria necessary for improved well-being. Read about our own personal detox using this system here

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We prefer to locate our detox guests close to centres providing colon hydrotherapy treatment so your luxury villa will be in either South West Bali in the Seminyak or Canggu area or in Bali's cultural and spiritual centre in Ubud. All villas have been personally chosen by us, offering exemplary butler service, private pools and luxury surroundings. With a menu plan you can eat within the villa at all times if you wish for privacy and a masseur can provide treatments to stimulate the lymphatic system.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

A detox holiday in Bali in the privacy of your own luxury villa gives you the opportunity to leave daily life behind for a week and focus on your own well-being without distractions. One to one consultations, guidance from Soul facilitators, massage focusing on lymphatic drainage and stimulation and light exercise help to guide you through the detox process. Release both physical toxins and emotional baggage in a private, nurturing environment.

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Once you've decided to book you'll fill in a pre-questionnaire then chat over the phone with our Soul facilitator who will develop a pre-detox guide for you. Soon after arrival in Bali, you'll have a one to one consultation in your villa and begin the detox program. We're on call throughout the process and drop in mid-week to ensure the cleanse is going fine. You have a massage and a colonic treatment included within the price and additional treatments on offer.

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Soul Food

Whether you're opting for a light, moderate or deep cleanse, all vegetables and fruits are freshly prepared with love by your own private villa chef. Coconuts are freely available on Bali and believe us when we say that they make the intestinal sweep drink so much more palatable if you alternate a swig of that with coconut! We looked forward to the points in the day when we slurped green vegetable juices too and, when you're ready to enter the new world of solids again, the islands papaya takes like a slice of heaven!

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Who is it for

These detox programs are for those who want to lollop in the lap of luxury and detox in peace. They don't want to join the masses and prefer some one to one guidance. We can book in Yoga teachers, private masseurs, life coaches and even Bali healers or Balians to ease the process and of course your Soul Detox facilitator is there to hold your hand throughout.