Luxury Weight Loss Retreats and Fitness Holidays in Asia

What are luxury weight loss retreats? Boot-camps? Detox Holidays?

We’ve tried a few fad diets in our time and they tend to be really short lived. Feeling slimmer and fitting in to ‘those’ jeans is temporarily awesome, until you revert back to your normal diet and pack more weight on than before.

At Soul Sanctuaries we view weight loss as a goal towards long term holistic health rather than conforming to society’s version of ‘perfect’. In an age where surgeries take place in lunch breaks, we’d like to recommend programs which assist you to change eating habits and encourage you to view your body as a temple from the inside out.

Joining weight loss retreats at a  luxury health resort, you’ll receive a consultation, have a personalized fitness and nutritional program designed for you and you’ll be guided throughout the process. In Asia, you’ve got the great added benefit that your fitness activities can take place both in-door and outdoor in nature such as trekking, cycling or even jungle gym!

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If you prefer a more personalized approach, book one of our signature Soul programs such as Bali Personal Fitness Retreat. Before arrival, we’ll discuss your aims and suggest a pre-program nutritional guide. Once in Asia, you’ll receive one to one consultations with your own personal trainer, who will work with you on a sustainable weight loss program. These Weight Loss Retreats can include Yoga, Pilates, Cardio workouts such as Les Mills TRX and RPM, Boot Camp fitness training and even Pole dancing!