The World’s Biggest Experiment; One Giant Mind Meditation

We met up with 1 Giant Mind last week to put our giant minds together about a mass meditation in Bali this June. We first met Jonni and Tiana from 1 Giant Mind last September, when they organised an event on the beach infront of Petitenget Temple in Bali last year. Led by our own meditation guru Pak Merta Ada and Jonni, they encouraged everyone to sit in ‘eyes closed silence’. Love that term. Sometimes the word meditation can sound so daunting to anyone who hasn’t tried it and doesn’t realize that the ‘monkey mind’ is totally natural.

1 Giant Mind is a non-profit research and education initiative, whose primary mission is to advance the research into mass simultaneous meditation of groups and individuals, through the organization of global events. Raising the frequency of the planet on a mass scale. The energy at the last meditation was tangible. It was exciting to be part of such a multi-cultural gathering on the beach;locals, ex-pats and tourists mingled with performers, gurus and high priests. After a gamelan performance all calmed down and a sublime meditation commenced. I spoke to a tourist afterwards who said he been walking on the beach and was intrigued. He sat, closed his eyes and tapped into the meditative vibe of the event and was so excited to start meditating on his own. Now that’s inspiring!

1 Giant Mind say that ‘eyes closed silence’ includes meditation, prayer, visualization and concentration on the breath. They understand that in today’s scientific world, research results are often needed to prove that something is beneficial to health. Personally I feel that meditation has a huge impact on how I interact with others in my everyday life and feel its beneficial in combating stress levels and my mental capacity. If I don’t meditate, even for a short while, I do feel the difference.

Since their last event in Bali, 1 Giant Mind have held similar events in Bondi, Sydney and at the Bodhi Festival in Newcastle, Australia. They also have events upcoming across the USA at universities (imagine how exams might go after meditation!) and Sydney again later this year.

We at Soul Sanctuaries are so pleased to help out with this year’s event. We’ll keep you posted on the dates and the place to be. Any comments are more than welcome. This year’s event aims to gather together people from all corners of the island and offshore to come together and enjoy some sublime meditative peace.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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