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Sugarless Soul; A week sugar free Day 5

sugar and hormones

I’ve made it five days sugar and caffeine free so far. I just want to say at this point that I’m not advocating that everyone should give up sugar for good. I was binging on the late night sweet treats and that’s not cool, given that I run a wellness travel company! This journey will hopefully allow me to enjoy my favourite dark choccies but not go on to over indulge in the future.

I was an irritable Mum on Sunday (why oh why did I try to make my son clean his room!). That said, I do feel a slight upsurge in energy already and in-between running the business and caring for him, I managed to paint the garden shed and plant some flowers. I’ve been tapping my way to losing my desire for chocolate cake and biscuits, thanks to the fantastic tapping techniques given by Paul Emery last week.Well, if it worked for Kate Moss, why not me?

Expert Dietician Eve Persak gave us some superb tips on training your palate and what to focus on. Sorry Eve, I still stuck to 3 large meals today. I think the key to this really is sensible, planned shopping!

So today I thought I’d focus on sugar and how it affects the hormones. I’ve had my rather large share of hormonal imbalance. I’m not putting it all down to the midnight feasts, but will going sugar free help?
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Ask the Experts: Detox to Retox?

luxury detox retreats

We hope you enjoyed the first in our new weekly series of ‘Ask the Experts’ blogs on Stress Management. Each week we are chatting to Asia’s leading health experts on what’s trending in health and wellness. This week we are discussing detox.  Well, actually detox,retox,detox,retox (sound familiar?). In the second in this series, we are interviewing Eve Persak MS RD CNSC, Registered Dietician and Wellness Consultant at Luxury Wellness Sanctuary Como Shambhala Estate in Bali.

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Staying healthy after 40

healthy40“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;we grow old because we stop playing” – George Berhard Shaw

I was recently given some research to review by an interesting physician come philanthropist Dr Dave Jenkins on staying healthy. We were discussing the latest thoughts on how to live a long and strong life and he presented me with some fascinating research by Keith Scott Mumby MD, PHD entitled ‘Get Healthy for your next 100 years.’  Here I’m sharing some health and wellness tips which make common sense and are pretty easy to practice in your life now (not when you feel good!).

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