Home to the world’s largest Buddhist monument Borobudur, Java is a mystical land of ancient temples and long forgotten rituals. Spiritual tours to Borobudur and surrounding Buddhist and Hindi temples such as Prambanan, offer an insight into ancient religious beliefs which are still upheld today. You might begin your day at sunrise within Borobudur, exploring its Buddhist reliefs depicting the life and times of Buddha. As the tropical sun begins to rise, the mist lifts, revealing the surrounding volcanoes at Borobudur’s peak.

Personal guides will bring to life the knowledge within Borobudur, recalling how monks would sit in meditation upon each tablet. You’ll give alms at the local Buddhist monastery, experience meditation at Buddhist Mendut Temple with its large Buddha statue and enjoy a colonial style picnic on Dagi Hill overlooking Borobudur, compete with your own set of watercolors to capture the moment in a personal way.

Spiritual tours include a visit to 9th century Hindu temple Prambanan (pictured above) which is dedicated to the Trimurti; the expression of ‘God’ as the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva). The construction of this massive temple signifies that the Medang court had shifted it’s focus from Mahayana Buddhism to Shivaist Hindiusm.