Soul Sanctuaries offer Asian Spiritual Retreats such as Yoga and Detox

Initially we wrote the business plan for this company without a giving program but something was missing. Then along came Toms shoes, who totally inspired us to create a for profit business which has a giving program at the core of it, rather than an after thought or percentage.

We want to help people, who are helping themselves by booking through us, to give back to credible charities and know directly what affect the payment will have on the children who so desperately need it.

You won’t pay more for a holiday through us than somewhere else, yet part of all spiritual retreats and wellness program payments will go directly towards giving a little soul a sanctuary.We are working with credible charity partners in Asian destinations, ensuring that as many little souls receive what they most need; whether that is food, clothing, medical care or shelter.  Children will be helped directly in the country which you decide to visit. On booking, you’ll receive a receipt to let you know exactly how you helped.

Our promise is to be transparent in this offering so there will be no administration charges and we’ll publish bi-annual Giving Reports (available online) and regular updates through our social media channels.

It’s the concept of Seva or ‘selfless service’. You have a wonderful yoga and meditation retreat, a pampering spa holiday or undertake a detox and weight loss retreat, and feel awesome that you’re helping an impoverished child.

It’s simple, help yourself while helping others too!

Soul Sanctuaries

Bali Kids - Indonesia

Bali Kids is a charitable organization dedicated to helping sick and orphaned children in Bali, reaching out to over 7000 children each year. Through the centre for orphans, they care for young children who are separated from families due to illness and poverty, caring for them and uniting them back into family life wherever possible. Their mobile medical unit regularly visits economically challenged and remote villages, offering children vital healthcare. An expanding community outreach program also provides healthcare and education to children and parents in remote parts of Bali.

Bali is well known as a popular tourist destination, but many children still live in poverty.

Every time you book any recommended health retreat or one of our own Soul Retreats, part of your payment will go directly to Bali Kids. You will receive a receipt telling you how exactly you have assisted the children. (no administration or bank charges are taken)