Spiritual Healing in Bali

Spiritual Bali

Spiritual healing is now well known as an offering in Bali thanks to ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ but what’s it really all about and how can you tell who’s the real deal? That’s where we at Soul Sanctuaries step in. Since we love to be authentic, we join all spiritual healing experiences before suggesting them ourselves.

With that in mind we joined our good Balinese friends Wayan and Nyoman for a spiritual ‘magical mystery tour of Bali’ yesterday. Our remit was to go on a ‘jalan jalan’ (walkabout) together to begin to design some very special sacred day tours in Bali which would slip nicely into any of our Soul Retreats or wellness programs.

We got out of the hub-bub of the South pretty quickly and took some lesser known back roads through charismatic little villages. Bali is stunning at the moment; the rice fields shine an emerald green (post rainy season) and ceremonies are in full effect with the coming of the New Year (Nyepi) which is due next week (more on that later).

We had the honor of passing Jatih Luwih, a breathtaking cascade of rice terraces, now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Nature in its full glory and fittingly the home of our Balinese healer.

Bali Healing

In his book “Sekala and Niskala” Fred Eiseman describes the different kinds of Balian – Balian Taksu, who go into trance and communicate with the spirit world, Balian Usada, (healers who specialize in mantras and prayers) and Dukun beranak (midwives). Some specialize in Balinese numerology or kosalah kosaleh – geomancy. Others, like Juru Nerang, who are called to prevent rain if you are planning a wedding.

We were met by the jovial Pak Mangku, who welcomed us onto his stunning tropical land. Papaya and coffee bean trees grew naturally everywhere. A former banker, Pak Mangku had no interest whatsoever in leading a spiritual life. Both his father and uncle approached him to be met with anger and disregard by him. Eventually the bank he worked for went bankrupt and he was persuaded to explore his spiritual side.

As we sipped on some homegrown beans, Mangku one by one began his ‘consultation’. He asked me to write down my birth name and then, channelling a higher power, he wrote a series of numbers below and quickly began to explain some very personal and poignant things about my existence.

Its not the first time I’ve received spiritual healing but it never fails to amaze me how totally spot on they can be. He went on to point out some current health issues which were totally accurate and explained that it was as if my energy line to the divine had been cut. The purification ceremony would help to bridge the gap.

Bali Healer

Ok, lets stop here. This is usually the point at which we do a short purification ceremony, a spiritual healing using water blessed by him, flowers and prayers. But I’ve never been one not to experience the whole shebang if I can and boy did we get it!

Led down to a valley of rice and further to a rocky river, the next few hours were magical, mystical and quite literally indescribable. Nine levels of purification involved throwing off past negative actions and traumas through the symbolic throwing of the banter (flower offering) behind us in the river and diving under the water towards a new beginning (swearing not to look back). We drank from waterfalls specific number of times to cleanse the soul. We prayed with incense and flower offering. We opened to the divine and welcomed in all our positive intentions for the present.

Bali meditation

I won’t spoil the fun but I can now say first hand that this was a powerful, spiritually renewing experience. I feel blessed just to have taken part and have regained a sense of wonderment in a world which we don’t often ‘see’ or forget exists.

If you’d like to know more about how to experience spiritual healing in Bali then drop us a line and take a look at our website for healthy holiday ideas.

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