Private Island Self Healing Retreat

Java, Indonesia

Asian Self Healing Retreat in luxury

We wanted to create a Healing Retreat which was totally secluded, luxurious and unique and we think we’ve pulled it off with this private island location!

It’s a magical little gem of an island, less than 1km wide, with white sand beaches and Indonesian antique accommodations dotted around it. Located in the Thousand Islands, just off Jakarta, your journey into the self begins on-board a 60ft vintage motor sailing yacht. This healing retreat is about as secluded yet luxurious as you can imagine; you’ll have the island all to yourselves, a team of butlers to serve up meals, a yoga teacher and a life coach/healer on hand throughout the retreat.

The ‘Spiral of Life’ self healing retreat is an experiential journey from who you considered yourself to be, to your true authentic self. Group sessions, one to one consultation, meditative completion and liberating arts help to clear, center and connect. As an intuitive guide drawing upon her many years of experience and variety of modalities, your Soul facilitator is able to respond to individual needs with appropriate techniques.

The Spiral of Life Healing Retreat will make you aware of the gap between what you find yourself doing and being and helps you to move towards what you want to be doing and being.

(This retreat has limited spaces as its an entirely private island so early booking is recommended)


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Few islands in the world can claim to be a completely secluded island. Isle East Indies is an exquisite gem in Indonesia's 'Thousand Islands' off Jakarta. We set sail via vintage motor sailing yacht and arrive on a powder white sand deserted beach. A team of butlers look after all your needs so all you need to do is lose your mobile phone and focus on yourself!

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Soul Facilitator

Your Soul facilitator is an energetic healer and soul support mentor from the UK. She has an incredible way of helping people confront self sabotaging behavior, release it and create profound shifts in their lives. In retreats, she'll work with both the group as a whole and one on one. She incorporates the body, mind and soul ; the body through Yoga and Pranayama, the mind through discussions and contemplation and the soul through meditation, nature and art.

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What to Expect

There will be a mixture of group sessions and one to one consultations with the intention to clear, centre and connect with your authentic self. It is a journey from 'ego to essence'. There is also daily yoga, pranayama and meditation. If you're traveling alone and are nervous about joining a group, that's natural (we usually are!) but we have an awesome way of bonding everyone pretty quickly!

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Soul Food

There's food aplenty on the private island and we like to serve it on sharing platters. Vegetarian options are available but we love to serve freshly caught fish too. A captain's bell will sound when meals are served and you'll eat in the beach side Bale, hearing the sound of the waves lapping ashore.

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Who is it for

This luxury healing retreat is for someone who firstly wants to regain balance in their life, whether personally or professionally. Its for the discerning traveler who wants a totally unique break with some self reflection and healing. (Its is not for someone who wants to stay connected, we'll be collecting your mobiles at the port!)