Buddhism in Borobudur

Central Java, Indonesia

Buddhist Retreats and Spiritual Holidays at Borobudur in Java, Asia

Lost in the midst of well publicised monuments such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, its sometimes hard to comprehend that Borobudur is actually the worlds largest Buddhist monument!

Built in the ninth century as both a shrine to Lord Buddha and a place to unveil the Dharma through meditation and understanding of it’s any reliefs, Borobudur has withstood bombings during wartime and years and neglect. It’s now lovingly restored to it’s former glory.

On this 3 day retreat, you will discover Java’s ancient past. The pace is relaxing and contemplative. You’ll be led during the trip by an expert local guide, who will uncover Java’s Buddhist past. Each day includes a visit to an ancient temple or a cultural experience and a morning meditation. There will be plenty of time to take it all in and relax too. We haven’t forgotten that you’re staying at the exclusive Amanjiwo too!

This exclusive retreat also draws on ancient Javanese rituals where guests can practice Semadi, a Javanese form of meditation set within the confines of the Buddhist Mendut temple. Completing this sacred holiday is a half day tour of Java’s spectacular Hindu temple of Prambanan.

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Amanjiwo means ‘peaceful soul ‘. Aptly named as it’s truly a Soul Sanctuary. The resort overlooks Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary, in the rural heartland of Central Java. Amanjiwo provides the opportunity for immersion in Javanese culture and spirituality.

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Soul Facilitator

Our Soul facilitators are highly experienced in historical knowledge of Central Java and its religious and cultural history. We love them because they bring to life the past in ninth century Buddhist Java to light. You feel immersed in ancient knowledge and wisdom, able to soak up the spiritual energy surrounding these great temples and find peace in places where thousands of monks tred before.

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What to Expect

Visit Borobudur before the crowds and imagine yourself as Buddhist in the 9th century, visiting this epic monument, a living testament of the Dharma. The meaning of its reliefs unraveled. Follow the line from Borobudur and meditate in the Mendut temple, give alms at the local monastery and later visit Hindu temple Prambanan, signifying a movement of the island towards Hinduism. A week of knowledge, fascination, meditation and discovery.

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Soul Food

You'll be staying at Amanjiwo and the food is a delightful blend of Indonesian organic cuisine and western dishes. The vista from the semi open air restaurant is spectacular, looking out over Borobudur and the volcanoes. Aman organize an amazing picnic experience for us at Dagi Hill, which is directly opposite Borobudur. Step back in time and relax with a colonial style picnic breakfast under a parasol on the hill.

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Who is it for

This retreat is for travelers who are interested in spirituality and history. You don't have to be Buddhist or a meditator to join. Simply a soul seeker who wants a little more than the average tour package. Couples and families or most welcome, as are single travelers.