Love the Soul, Transform the Self

Love the Soul, Transform the Self - 5 Star Self Healing Holidays

Imagine experiencing a 5 star luxury self healing holiday which had been designed specifically with you in mind. Not you joining a group of strangers under the expectation of pouring your heart out.

Lets imagine for a moment that you’re not restricted in your every day life by money or time. Most of us feel like we could ‘take the time’ but feel ‘guilty’ about spending so much money on ourselves. Or alternatively, we feel money is no object but we’re too busy making more of it to step out and look at what’s really going on in our lives.

That’s where we step in and imagineer your own personal self healing retreat. Firstly, we’ll take the time to really listen to what’s going on for you right now. What your current physical and emotional concerns are. Then we’ll discover what atmosphere makes your heart sing, be that tropical jungle, crisp clear mountainside or beachfront fun.

We know Asia and its holistic practitioners really well so the next bit is fun for us. We’ll suggest some amazing luxury secret retreats across Asia and we’ll select some of our finest life coaches, indigenous healers, fitness trainers and the like to design something specific for you.

All you need to do is choose your path and open your heart to the possibility of living life at your highest potential. Which is limitless if you think about it.


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Your choice, if you love beach life why not try the islands of Thailand. If you want to immerse yourself in spirituality we can send you to Bhutan, Myanmar of the worlds largest Buddhist monument Borobudur in Indonesia? We can suggest a luxury sailing yacht on a journey of discovery, a private island to self reflect or a tented camp to re-connect with nature.

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Soul Facilitator

We have a wonderful portfolio of Soul facilititors on hand. Once we identify what you wish or need to work on we can suggest locations and personal one on one consultation. You may be addressing weight issues and have a personal fitness trainer or feel like you need some emotional guidance from a qualified life coach. Your soul may be seeking spirituality with a local healer and some tours of Asia's cultural sites with the guidance of a Rinpoche no less.

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What to Expect

If you're planning on shaping up and getting a positive mind-set you may have a personal fitness trainer, a daily nutritional diet and some life coaching along the way. For those who wish to delve deeper into your spiritual self you may see a healer, practice some yoga and learn meditation.

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Soul Food

Wherever you are in Asia, you can guarantee a superb, largely plant based diet to get your body working at its optimum best. Gone are the temptations of fast food and processed meats. You're soul food is intended to re-vitalize and kick start a new lifestyle.

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Who is it for

These tailored retreats are for those would can afford a spot of luxury and are looking for more than just the average 5 star vacation. Those holidays just aren't addressing ongoing health issues or sicknesses of the soul. You're looking for expect guidance and advice to allow you to re-enter your world feeling more able to manage stress and live life to the full