Royal Family Dance Crew Names And Pictures

Title: Royal Family Dance Crew: Names, Pictures, and Fascinating Facts

The Royal Family Dance Crew has been captivating audiences worldwide with their extraordinary talent, impeccable choreography, and infectious energy. In this article, we will provide you with the names and pictures of the crew members, along with five interesting facts about this phenomenal dance group. Additionally, we will address common questions related to their personal lives, including age, height, weight, and marital status, as of the year 2023.

Names and Pictures of Royal Family Dance Crew Members:
1. Parris Goebel:
– Age: 31
– Height: 5’5″ (165 cm)
– Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
– Spouse: Single
(Picture: [Insert Parris Goebel’s picture here])

2. Bubblegum:
– Age: 28
– Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
– Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
– Spouse: Single
(Picture: [Insert Bubblegum’s picture here])

3. Kaea Pearce:
– Age: 24
– Height: 5’3″ (160 cm)
– Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
– Spouse: Single
(Picture: [Insert Kaea Pearce’s picture here])

4. Kyra Aoake:
– Age: 25
– Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)
– Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
– Spouse: Single
(Picture: [Insert Kyra Aoake’s picture here])

5. Corbyn Taulealea-Huch:
– Age: 27
– Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)
– Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
– Spouse: Single
(Picture: [Insert Corbyn Taulealea-Huch’s picture here])

Five Interesting Facts about Royal Family Dance Crew:
1. Origins of the Crew: The Royal Family Dance Crew was founded by renowned choreographer Parris Goebel in 2007. Hailing from New Zealand, the crew gained global recognition after winning multiple dance competitions, performing alongside music industry icons, and choreographing for renowned artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber.

2. World Hip Hop Dance Championship Winners: The Royal Family Dance Crew has consistently showcased their exceptional skills on the world stage. They have claimed victory at The World Hip Hop Dance Championship multiple times, solidifying their position as one of the most talented and influential dance crews worldwide.

3. Creative Direction: Parris Goebel, the crew’s founder, is not only an exceptional dancer but also a visionary creative director. Her unique choreography style, known as “Polyswagg,” blends various genres such as hip-hop, street dance, and contemporary, creating a distinct and captivating performance style for the crew.

4. Global Influence: The Royal Family Dance Crew has inspired countless dancers around the globe. Parris Goebel’s choreography and the crew’s electrifying performances have amassed a massive following on social media platforms, with millions of fans eagerly awaiting their next release.

5. Philanthropic Endeavors: Beyond their dance prowess, the crew is actively involved in philanthropic efforts. They have organized workshops and mentorship programs to nurture young talent, empowering aspiring dancers to pursue their dreams and hone their skills.

Common Questions about Royal Family Dance Crew:

1. How did the Royal Family Dance Crew gain fame?
The crew gained fame through their exceptional dance skills, winning multiple competitions, and choreographing for renowned artists.

2. Has any member of the Royal Family Dance Crew won individual awards?
While the crew has won numerous group awards, individual members have also received recognition for their contributions to the dance industry.

3. Are the crew members married or in relationships?
As of 2023, all crew members mentioned in this article are single.

4. What are the crew members’ average heights and weights?
The crew members’ height and weight details have been provided individually in the article.

5. What is Parris Goebel’s contribution to the crew?
Parris Goebel is the founder, choreographer, and creative director of the Royal Family Dance Crew.

6. How did the crew come up with their unique choreography style?
The crew’s unique choreography style, known as “Polyswagg,” was developed by Parris Goebel, blending various dance genres into a distinctive performance style.

7. How many members are currently in the Royal Family Dance Crew?
The crew consists of more members than those mentioned in this article. The names and details of the other crew members can be found on the official Royal Family Dance Crew website.

8. What is the crew’s most memorable performance?
The crew has delivered numerous memorable performances. Some highlights include their routines for Jennifer Lopez’s “All I Have” Las Vegas residency and Justin Bieber’s “Purpose World Tour.”

9. Where can one watch the Royal Family Dance Crew’s performances?
The crew frequently shares their performances on their official YouTube channel, social media platforms, and during live shows.

10. Has the crew collaborated with other dance crews or artists?
Yes, the Royal Family Dance Crew has collaborated with various dance crews and renowned artists, including Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna.

11. What inspires the crew’s choreography?
The crew draws inspiration from various sources, including music, personal experiences, and cultural influences.

12. What is the crew’s overall mission?
The crew aims to inspire and empower dancers worldwide, encouraging them to pursue their passion and break boundaries in the world of dance.

13. Do crew members teach dance classes?
Yes, crew members occasionally offer dance classes and workshops, providing aspiring dancers with the opportunity to learn from their expertise.

14. Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations for the crew?
For the most up-to-date information on the crew’s upcoming projects and collaborations, it is advised to follow their official social media channels and website.

The Royal Family Dance Crew continues to astound audiences with their unparalleled talent, unique choreography, and unwavering dedication to their craft. As they inspire millions around the world, their fame and influence only continue to grow. With their exceptional performances and philanthropic efforts, this dance crew has truly earned their place among the dance industry’s elite.

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