Mindfulness and Wellbeing Retreats

Mindfulness or Meditation Retreats help to reconnect with self and Wellbeing Escapes focus on a holistic healing. Peace within.

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Mindfulness & Wellbeing Luxury Meditation Retreats and Wellbeing Retreats in Asia

Meditation Retreats

So we all know Mindfulness is the new black. But do Meditation Retreats mean mung beans and silence? That’s not how we role.

We have a wonderful Emotional Healing Retreat with a former Buddhist Nun in Bali; 5 Star private villa, open air Aerial Yoga in a rice field and a personal life coach. All designed with you in mind.

Meditation is all about taming your ‘Monkey Mind’ and finding a gap within your busy thoughts. Whether you’re practicing with a Rinpoche at Tiger’s Next Monastery in Bhutan or ending a Yoga class with a ‘loving kindness’ meditation in Bali, you’ll be guided to find the silence within.

Healing Holidays

Our Wellbeing Retreats focus on holistic health, connecting your physical and emotional states and healing through release of emotional trauma, physical fitness and dietary changes.

If you’re looking for a spiritual retreat, we might suggest daily chanting, meditation, hatha yoga and Ayurveda in India. If you’re recovering from an illness, such as remission from cancer, we may have you regaining physical and mental health by the sea in Thailand, guided by Naturopathic Doctors.

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When you book a healthy holiday with us, we’ll not only price match it, but we’ll also take part of your payment
and donate that to Asian Charities helping children in abject poverty. Help yourself and a little soul too!

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