Luxury Detox Retreats

We create luxury Detox holidays across Asia with fitness, yoga and spa. A healing holiday in Thailand, Bali or India.

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Detox Luxury Detox Holidays and Healing Retreats in Asia

Luxury Detox holidays are about much more than just losing a few pounds and feeling lighter (although that’s great!). If you’re thinking of a detox holiday, then imagine cleaning out the clutter; releasing both physical and emotional blockages.

The fast pace of life, bad diet and surrounding pollutants, mean our bodies aren’t always a temple these days. Our top Asia Detox Retreats have a holistic healing approach; offering personalised wellness programs with nutritional and emotional consultation, healthy meal plans/herbal supplements and traditional healing elements such as Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) and Colon Hydrotherapy.

We haven’t forgotten that everybody needs a little luxury when they are feeling vulnerable. All of our luxury Detox Holidays offer stunning surroundings, concierge service and total privacy.

The Best Health Retreats in the World always offer great Detox Cuisine. So let’s explore whether a Detox Retreat is what you really need. You can begin by filling in this short, confidential health questionnaire.

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When you book a healthy holiday with us, we’ll not only price match it, but we’ll also take part of your payment
and donate that to Asian Charities helping children in abject poverty. Help yourself and a little soul too!

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