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Amanbagh Luxury Healing Holidays at Amanbagh, Rajasthan, India

Amanbagh is a palatial throwback to the Mughal era. Everything about it exudes, old Indian grandeur, from the pink tinged walls to the intricate wooden screens. Located only ninety minutes away from Jaipur and close to the Bengal tiger sanctuary of Sariska National Park, it’s nestled amongst the hills of Aravalli and is a hidden sanctuary for the soul.

Amanbagh offers different things to different people. For those that look for solitude, Amanbagh is true to the meaning of its name: Aman (Peace) Bagh (Garden. For those looking to experience some traditional, rural, Indian life, Amanbagh offers opportunities to mingle with village families, go cycling or hiking through the neighbouring countryside and to visit heritage sites with no other foreign tourists in sight.

Immerse yourself in Indian holistic health at Amanbagh, by enjoying a luxury Ayurveda retreat. Ayurvedic treatments to reserve the signs of ageing, both internally and externally. Your Ayurveda physician will establish your dosha type and tailor a spa wellness program with you in mind. Therapies will revitalize the body, clear fogging minds and allow you to feel more vital and energised. You can also partake in special meditations and cultural experiences. You can practice yoga daily and will learn various different forms of meditation.

Those wishing to take a luxury detox holiday, At Amanbagh, this begins by determining your dosha type; Vata, Kapha or Pitta. The aim is to eliminate accumulated toxins from your body and restore balance. All your meals will be lovingly prepared in alignment with your specific dosha. You’ll receive daily Ayurveda treatments to encourage your body to cleanse and partake in yoga and meditation classes to align to body and free the soul. There are also regular, optional group classes to participate in and a collection of cultural experiences, such as visiting the stunning Neelkanth Temple and Mansarovar Lake.

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