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Why luxury Raw Food Retreats are the new black

You know those times in your life when you’re having a really awful day, no week, no fortnight. Yes that was me last week (and the week before!). Then Asia’s leading consultant on Raw Food, author of ‘Living Flavors of Southeast Asia’, Diana von Cranach, invited me to experience her luxury villa resort in North Bali and of course her self titled ‘Rawfully’ good food. If you’re even the tiniest bit hungry, grab a carrot now!

Diana was originally Cordon Bleu trained and grew up around the most decadent restaurants in London. I prefer to call her a culinary artist myself. She’s injected her own raw genius into some of Asia’s finest luxury hotel groups including Como Shambhala Estate in Bali, Hotel de la Paix in Cambodia and The Strand in Myanmar. Her passion and energy are contagious.

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” The main difficulty to overcome when transitioning to more of a ‘living’ food diet is a purely social one…I’m not a fanatical raw foodie but eating this kind of ‘living’ food gives me astonishing amounts of energy, a heightened sense of taste, of smell, and as an added bonus, it seems to help combat many of the aches and pains usually associated with the ageing process.” ( Diana von Cranach)

Keeping the carbon foodprint to a minimum, she ensures her staff shop sustainably and responsibly, importing only necessities such as olive oil and balsamic. They purchase local, organic chickens from the village and fish directly from the sea. Oh we didn’t mention that her luxury villa resort is directly beachfront did we!

If you’re booking yourself in for a well earned luxury raw food experience then you’re in for a treat. The villas are stunning with four poster beds, private pools and super spacious grounds facing the sea. We loved waking up to the sounds of the waves.

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We’re working with Diana to imagineer some Raw Food Retreats right now but if you’d like to book yourself in for a private holiday, we work with Diana personally to tailor a luxury raw food culinary experience. You may want to attend private cooking classes including a visit to the local market and later of course devouring your dishes or you may want to incorporate some of her divine spa treatments.

You might even just want to exhale away from it all, put your toes in the sand, go scuba diving (its awesome in Pemuteran) and enjoy tantalizing cuisine throughout. After about ten courses of the tastiest healthy food I’ve ever tasted, I seriously didn’t know how I was going to cope in the world of junk food…that’s until Diana showed up with a signed copy of her cookbook!

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