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Qigong at Como Bali

I’ve been feeling the stress of running a business, being a single Mum of a six year old and going back to business school lately. I knew that my body was out of sync, but I didn’t ‘have time’ to do anything about it. Screech and rewind!

I run a luxury wellness travel company for goodness sake. How am I supposed to inspire others if I can’t keep myself balanced and healthy?  Without further ado, I booked a private consultation in with David Melladew, Oriental Medicine Consultant at one of our favourite wellness sanctuary partners, COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali.

David Melladew at Como

He began the session with a divine tea ceremony. I love people who are passionate about what they do and that shone through with David. Like myself, he has a genuine drive to help others live in health and vitality and by the end of my consultation I had a accurate diagnosis, an action plan of what to do about it which included some easy steps to do at home and he’d inspired me so much on Traditional Chinese Medicine, that I felt like going to college again!

In this Ask the Experts Health Blog I ask David about Stress and how Oriental Medicine can play a part in finding that essential life balance. Chill out and read on…

Como Shambhala Estate



What do you see as the top 3 leading causes of stress in your guests and how do you begin to alleviate that?

“The three main causes of stress that I see most often in guests are work, relationships and a general fast-paced and hectic lifestyle.
I always use the 8 branches of treatment from the Oriental Medicine perspective.”

1. Meditation – breathing, posture, and focus to calm the mind, control the heart rate, and teach how to soothe the nervous system.

2. Qigong – again, breathing, posture, and focus; this time through movement.

3. Exercise – to circulate the qi and blood, and vent frustration and emotion.

4. Diet – to balance the system and improve health to deal with stress.

5. Herbal medicine – I use specific formulas that counteract stress and calm the mind.

6. Feng shui – to help create a space that generates relaxation and rejuvenation.

7. Massage – to relax and alleviate tension.

8. Acupuncture – to get the body balanced and working at its optimum, as well as, alleviate stress.

Qigong at Como Bali

What are the main benefits of your holistic healing treatments and how do they differ from other wellness sanctuaries? Why did you decide to add Oriental Medicine to the portfolio?

“Oriental medicine differs from other healing practices in that it is its own self-contained system of treatment developed over the last few thousand years. All treatments stem from the same underlying philosophy of Taoist thought and traditional Oriental practices of well-being. All aspects of a person’s life are used as a means of treatment and a way to balance the health. Symptoms are treated not as an occurrence separate from the person as a whole. They are treated as part of an overall ecosystem which is the human body.
Oriental medicine, I believe, was added to the portfolio because Oriental medicine embraces every aspect of the wellness concept that is COMO Shambhala Estate. The practices used in the Oriental medicine program are techniques that have been perfected and handed down over thousands of years.They are tried and tested ways that benefit people on every level of health; physical, mental, and spiritual.”

Thanks David!


I hope you found this article inspiring and if you do please share the love below and feel free to comment.


If you’d like to explore a luxury wellness holiday with us at COMO Shambhala Estate then please do get in touch. We can help you to tailor something, well very Oriental, with David!

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