Oprah Best Friend Gail

Title: Oprah’s Best Friend Gail: A Lifelong Bond and Inspiring Friendship


Oprah Winfrey, a prominent American media personality, philanthropist, and actress, has captured the hearts of millions with her charismatic personality and influential presence. However, behind every successful person is a strong support system, and for Oprah, that person is her best friend, Gail King.

Gail King, a renowned television personality and journalist, has been Oprah’s confidante and rock for over four decades. Through thick and thin, their friendship has stood the test of time and become an inspiration to many. In this article, we delve into the life of Oprah’s best friend, Gail King, highlighting five interesting facts that showcase her remarkable personality and achievements.

1. An Accomplished Journalist and Television Personality:

Gail King, born on December 28, 1954, in Chevy Chase, Maryland, is a highly respected journalist and television personality. She has been a long-time anchor for CBS This Morning, co-hosting the show since 2012. Her insightful interviews and engaging discussions have garnered her numerous accolades, including three Daytime Emmy Awards.

2. Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Before her rise to fame, Gail King attended the University of Maryland, where she graduated with a degree in psychology. She then pursued her passion for journalism and began her career as a production assistant at WJZ-TV in Baltimore. Gail’s dedication and hard work soon propelled her to become a news anchor and eventually led her to work at various prestigious media outlets.

3. A Strong Advocate for Women:

Gail King is known for her unwavering commitment to empowering women and promoting gender equality. She has been actively involved in organizations like Dress for Success, which provides professional attire and support to women in need, helping them achieve economic independence. Her efforts to uplift and inspire women have earned her immense respect and admiration.

4. The Oprah and Gail Friendship Phenomenon:

Oprah and Gail’s friendship is a testament to the power of genuine connections. The duo met in their early twenties while working at a local television station in Baltimore. Since then, they have been inseparable, supporting each other through personal and professional highs and lows. Their bond has become an inspiration for many, as it showcases the strength and positivity that true friendship can bring.

5. Frequently Asked Questions about Gail King:

To shed more light on Oprah’s best friend, here are some commonly asked questions about Gail, along with their answers:

Q1. How tall is Gail King?

A1. Gail King stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Q2. What is Gail King’s weight?

A2. As of the latest available information, Gail King’s weight is not publicly disclosed.

Q3. Is Gail King married?

A3. Yes, Gail King was married to William G. Bumpus from 1982 to 1993. The couple has two children together.

Q4. What is Gail King’s age?

A4. As of September 2022, Gail King is 67 years old.

Q5. How did Gail King meet Oprah?

A5. Gail King and Oprah Winfrey met in the 1970s while working at a local television station in Baltimore. They instantly connected and have been best friends ever since.

Q6. What are Gail King’s notable achievements in journalism?

A6. Gail King has received three Daytime Emmy Awards for her work as a television journalist and anchor. She is widely recognized for her contributions to CBS This Morning.

Q7. What charities is Gail King involved in?

A7. Gail King is actively involved in various charitable organizations, including Dress for Success, which aims to empower women by providing them with professional attire and support.

Q8. Has Gail King written any books?

A8. Yes, Gail King has authored several books, including the best-selling memoir “Note to Self.”

Q9. What is Gail King’s net worth?

AA9. Gail King’s estimated net worth is approximately $40 million.

Q10. How has Gail King supported Oprah throughout her career?

A10. Gail King has been a constant source of support and encouragement for Oprah. She has stood by her side during both personal and professional challenges, offering guidance, love, and loyalty.

Q11. Are Gail King and Oprah Winfrey related?

A11. No, Gail King and Oprah Winfrey are not related by blood. However, their friendship is so strong that they consider each other family.

Q12. Does Gail King have any siblings?

A12. Yes, Gail King has two siblings, a sister named Karen Johnson and a brother named Scott King.

Q13. How did Gail King become a co-host of CBS This Morning?

A13. Gail King joined CBS This Morning as a co-host in 2012, bringing her extensive experience as a journalist and anchor to the show.

Q14. What is the secret to Gail King and Oprah’s enduring friendship?

A14. The secret to their enduring friendship is their unwavering support, trust, and understanding. They have maintained open lines of communication, celebrating each other’s successes and providing comfort during difficult times.


Gail King’s life and friendship with Oprah Winfrey are testaments to the power of loyalty, support, and mutual respect. Through her accomplishments as a journalist and advocate for women, Gail King has become an inspiration for individuals around the world. Her unwavering bond with Oprah is a reminder of the importance of nurturing meaningful connections in our own lives.

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