Spiritual Retreats at Amanjiwo

Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

Spiritual Retreats at Amanjiwo with Meditation and Talks with Buddhist Rinpoche

Amanjiwo in Borobudur is a spectacular spiritual location to experience Spiritual Retreats. It is home to the world’s largest standing Buddhist monument Borobudur which was built in the ninth century as both a shrine to Lord Buddha and a place to unveil the Dharma.

Borobudur is best seen at dawn as the tropical jungle mist begins to lift and the sun’s rays peek out onto this spectacular monument which really is an example of living dharma with each tablet depicting a scene from Lord Buddha’s own life or an example in how to life with Buddhist principles.

There are many other ancient temples in the area around Amanjiwo to visit too including 9th century Hindu temple Prambanan and an opportunity to meditate in Buddhist Mendut temple.

If you’re interested in spirituality, your own life path and ancient culture then this experience are for you. Give yourself the privilege. Amanjiwo in itself is spectacular with it’s unique brand of exemplary service.

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Amanjiwo means ‘peaceful soul ‘. Aptly named as it’s truly a Soul Sanctuary. The resort overlooks Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary, in the rural heartland of Central Java. Amanjiwo provides the opportunity for immersion in Javanese culture and spirituality.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Amanjiwo truly reflects the meaning of its name 'peaceful soul'. You feel immersed in ancient knowledge and wisdom, able to soak up the spiritual energy surrounding these great temples and find peace in places where thousands of monks tred before.

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Visit Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist monument and learn about the Dharma from the depicted reliefs with your private guide.  Give alms to the monks at the local monastery and meditate within the 9th century Buddhist Mendut temple. Learn about an age where religions co-existed, visiting the spectacular Hindu temple Prambanan.

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Soul Food

You'll be staying at Amanjiwo and the food is a delightful blend of Indonesian organic cuisine and western dishes. The vista from the semi open air restaurant is spectacular, looking out over Borobudur and the volcanoes. Aman organize an amazing picnic experience for us at Dagi Hill, which is directly opposite Borobudur. Step back in time and relax with a colonial style picnic breakfast under a parasol on the hill.

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Who is it for

These Buddhist Retreats are for those interested in meditation and spirituality. You don't have to be Buddhist to attend. You may be curious about meditation, want to learn more about spirituality and ancient culture. Actually these Buddhist holidays are for us, we're packing our bags and coming with you!