Meditation Retreats in Asia

Why meditate?

When we take time out of our everyday lives to meditate, we are increasingly aware of how the mind functions, how scattered our thoughts are and how in turn this affects our daily lives. Achieving enlightenment may be an unrealistic concept to the Western mind, so how about focusing on creating your own sense of inner calmness, a harmonious mind. By practicing meditation regularly we can gain clarity and calmness in the face of life’s challenges. Our recommended meditation retreats focus on creating a harmonious mind, using it to make our body’s healthier and purifying the mind, releasing past negative traumas. We’ve personally experienced both physical and emotional release during silent meditation retreats and witnessed alleviation of ailments.

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Many new meditators fear the thought of being silent for a week or wonder how they can possibly tame their ‘monkey mind’ with thoughts jumping constantly from branch to branch. By retreating from the outside world and focusing within, you’re giving yourself a wonderful gift. Learning or improving your meditation technique during an intensive meditation retreat, you hold the tools by which to manage yourself in the outside world. If you feel irritated or alienated, a loving kindness meditation helps. If you feel unfocused in your personal life or work, a concentration meditation is in order. When meditation becomes part of your daily life, troubles become more manageable, general health improves and calmness and clarity are welcomed. Join us in a meditation soon and may all beings by happy.