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Meditation and Mindfulness during COVID-19

How can we find stillness within when our anxiety levels are at an all time high during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Whether we are juggling working from home, homeschooling for the first time, or living with ourselves without distraction, learning some simple mindfulness techniques can help to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Here are some helpful meditation and mindfulness techniques from our leading health and wellness Gurus in Asia:

Kamalaya : Practice Loving Kindness with Rajesh Ramani

Meditation to help you to open your heart, bringing love and compassion to yourself and those around you. Rajesh is a resident Life Enhancement Mentor at Kamalaya and is available for personal consultations and meditation once Kamalaya re-opens.

Kamalaya: Positive Visualisation Meditation with Sujay

Sujay is also a wonderful Life Enhancement Mentor at Kamalaya, bringing health and wellness guests inner peace and joy. Here, take a gentle, vivid visualization journey with Sujay.

Kamalaya: Pranayamic Breathing & Vipassana Meditation with Smitha

Take an inner journey towards a calmer state of mind with this guided meditation led by Life Enhancement Mentor Smitha Jayakumar at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary in Koh Samui. Pranayama, or balanced breathing, is a superb way to become aware of the breath and use this to bring calm and balance to life.

Chiva Som: Stress Release Meditation with Paramjot Singh Khalsa

Chiva Som has being leading health and wellness in Asia for over 25 years. Here the wellness sanctuary’s Yoga and Meditation Instructor Parajmot explains a simple meditation in a  1:37 minute video, perfect to newcomers to mindfulness techniques.

Chiva Som: Pranayama with Kamlesh

Chiva Som resident Yoga Instructor Kamlesh Kumar teaches how to practice Pranayama, or balanced breathing in this short video. Prana signifies ‘life force’ or ‘white energy’ and Yama means to expand. This ancient, alternate nostril breathing technique expands your chi and allows for more balance and peace. Namaste.

Aman Wisdom: Mindfulness Breathing Techniques with David

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amanyara_resort on Instagram

Considered one of the prime times to meditation, dawn before sunrise gently ushers in a new day. “Known as Amrit Velā, it is naturally conducive to mindfulness and can be the clearest window to discovering peace”, says David Melladew, Amanyara’s resident master in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Join David on Amanyara’s Instagram IGTV 

Aman Wisdom: The Power of the Breath with Geshe Yong Dong

geshe yong dong
Geshe Yong Dong (image courtesy of Aman Resorts)
Internationally renowned Tibetan Bon Buddhist, Geshe YongDong ( Geshe La) has guided Soul Sanctuaries exclusive guests whilst staying at Aman Resorts in Asia. Stress and negative emotions are often accompanied by shallow breathing that is fast and out of control. But by controlling your breath, you can control how you feel. Geshe YongDong focuses on developing slow and mindful breathing, linking the breath with the mind to empower you in choosing how you feel on a daily basis. Follow Aman resorts on Instagram and find Geshe La’s words of wisdom on IGTV. He also has his own Youtube channel here too.

We hope you take this opportunity to retreat within until you can once more travel to Asia with us soon.

In health and happiness


Joanne and the team from Soul Sanctuaries


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  1. Krish says:

    These videos will definitely help us find our peace in these tough times. Keep sharing!

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