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Soul Healer Abi

Why self healing is not just the stuff of fairies

I knew that, by setting up a luxury wellness travel company, I would enter a period of self healing and personal transformation, but I didn’t bank on this. Thinking of what might typify our guests (cashed up, spiritually depleted and burnt out soul seekers who’ve seen more than a few sides to life so far) I never banked on being one of them myself.

I knew that I wanted to experience all practitioners before working with them but never stopped to consider what that meant. It’s life changing so far let me tell you. I’m 42 years old and my proverbial light bulb has just been switched on, the curtains have been drawn back; I’m beginning to see the authentic self. Sounds mysterious doesn’t it, well it’s not really. It’s painfully beautiful.

I think you have a choice in life. Life’s sticky bits are a gift to show you something you haven’t dealt with yet. In the past, when faced with my challenges which showed me the parts of myself I was denying, I either grabbed the nearest bottle of red wine or talked my way through it. If you know me personally you might laugh as I love to talk!

I made a conscious decision to stop denying what was happening around me, why I reacted in a certain ways and why I repeated self sabotaging patterns. This meant not hiding behind my usual vices and getting support during the process. I’ve also been one for trying to sort out everyone but me so all this self searching is novel. So far I’ve run the gamut of emotions… and you know what, that’s ok, I’m still here and I’m meeting me more and more every day.

So what about the fairy? I had a healing treatment this week with a wonderfully gifted person called Abi who dances through life like one of those pixie type fairies you saw in children’s books. But this lady is grounded and acts as a channel. One of the most beautiful things about this path which I’ve taken is meeting these gifted women and men who are able to open the space to allow you to self heal.

Abi helped me to explore very sensitive areas within my psyche, my inner child, my relationships with others, my deep seated fears, all with a feeling of safety and gratitude to my mind, body and soul for bringing me this far. Bless her for that.

I’ve spent the last few days since physically weakened but processing a huge shift, I can feel a move to self love and honour.  We’d like to imagineer self healing holidays around gifted practitioners such as Abi so if you’re interested just get in touch and help make it all happen. She presently flits across Asia so let us know where you are and we’d be happy to hook you up.

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