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Luxury Healing Retreats post COVID-19

Today we’ve been discussing how the wellness industry will answer the post COVID-19 lockdown call to re-balance mind, body and soul at luxury healing retreats (via Zoom of course). Asia Spa guidelines are currently evolving, hotel sanitation plans considered, and health and wellness retreats ask their experts how to better serve guests needs post lockdown.

Online Health and Wellness Resources

chiva som online wellness
(image courtesy of Chiva Som)

Soul Sanctuaries Asia health and wellness partners have provided some fantastic online wellness resources over the last few months. Understanding that our valued guests cannot travel, leading health retreat Chiva Som is offering online consultations, including a 50 minute Naturopathic Consultation and a Natural Fertility Consultation (great if you have more time to try for a baby right now!). You can book in a one-to-one personal fitness training session, yoga or meditation. There are also Wellness Knowledge Videos which are free to access and these include a Stress Release Meditation and a 12 Minute Metabolic Booster exercise.

spa manager amanoi

While awaiting your bespoke healthy travel experience with us, staying at Aman Resorts in Asia, why not create a little luxury at home. Shyam Goyal, Spa Manager of Amanoi in Vietnam, outlines a Kundalini Energy Boost and there are some recipes from the Aman kitchen, such as warming Rasa Soup, Jamu health tonics and the recipe for Chai tea.

ananda online resources

Ananda in the Himalayas have some wonderful live sessions to join, covering health topics this week on ‘Addressing Women’s Health with Ayurveda’, ‘Cleansing Chakras with Chakra Meditation’ and ‘Self Empowerment with Hypnotherapy’. To access these, head over to Ananda on Instagram.

If you’d like access to more free online wellness resources then please get in contact with us (info@soul-sanctuaries.com) and we’ll email over more to suit your wellness needs!

Future Luxury Health Retreats

amanpuri detox holidays
Image courtesy of Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand

Whether you’re feeling more anxious than normal, want to secure optimum health or simply need to getaway and rejuvenate, we’ll be offering an integrated approach to restorative health post COVID-19 at luxury healing retreats across Asia. We tailor all healthy holidays and luxury spiritual retreats, ensuring a transformative experience that lasts long after the journey ends. Paying particular attention to individual guest needs, we’re currently working with our wellness partners to offer the best holistic healing retreats.

Integrated Medical Immune Support Immersion

amanpuri wellbeing retreats
Image courtesy of Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand

The Integrated Medical Immune Support Immersion at Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand is designed to support the body’s natural defence systems. It will be led by medical physicians, who will be supported by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and Physiotherapists. After a medical consultation, which will include blood tests, a heavy metal Oligoscan and lifestyle check, a personalised wellness program will be designed. Healthy therapies contribute to improved immunity, such as IV infusions to boost the immune system, ozone therapy, Vit-D injections, colon hydrotherapy, Chinese acupuncture, in conjunction with personalised nutrition and fitness.

Emotional Wellbeing

chiva som yoga retreats
image courtesy of Chiva Som

The Coronavirus outbreak has left many feeling anxious and depressed. Emotional wellbeing retreats are specifically designed to restore inner calm and release negative trauma. At Chiva Som the holistic Emotional Wellbeing program includes mind and body therapies, tailored fitness, healthy meals and a stable sleep pattern, all aimed at recovery and rehabilitation.  Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Healing Spa treatments also help to treat a weary soul.

Spiritual Treks for the Soul

butter lamp lighting bhutan
Butter Lamp Lighting – image courtesy of Amankora resort in Bhutan

Dreaming of a spiritual quest post lockdown?

Every luxury spiritual retreat in Bhutan with Soul Sanctuaries is an entirely personal affair. The ‘Inner Light Immersion’ has been created to explore the spirit or self which resides within us. Your inner wisdom will be discovered through sacred experiences and healing treatments. These can include a Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony (Fumigation) at Amankora Paro, witnessing 108 butter lamp offering at the highly revered Taktsang Monastery, a Bhutanese Traditional Hot Stone Bath and other traditional healing treatments. Staying across various Aman luxury lodges, this spiritual retreat will be designed with you in mind.

If you’d like to plan a future luxury healing retreat in Asia with us then please get in touch below and remember to share the love.

email: info@soul-sanctuaries.com

tel: +852 81912707


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