Bali Detox: Blog from the bog Day 3


Woke up at 4.30am again, weird as not feeling hungry. Meditated but I’m feeling very numb and a bit hollow. The thoughts were there, which I usually allow to drift away but they seemed to run around my brain going nowhere. Energy ok in the morning and I learned to keep some of yesterday’s coconut juice for the cleansing drink panacea today!

Energy wise pretty damn good in the morning. Cycled little one to school and then cycled up to a friends cafe for a coconut. All was good so far so scheduled in an appointment with myself and the sh*t machine once I was back home. Co-ordination was totally off, knocked the water glass over, then the loo roll and also experienced some light cramps in my legs.

The enema kit was not my friend today (apart from the bit at the end when you check out what’s in the loo). This enema really took a lot of energy from me. Massaging my stomach didn’t help and I couldn’t bare to keep the tube in for more than a minute or two.

Something else, if your life affords it I would highly suggest switching off from the world. I’ve stayed at home and have had calls regarding work and school and its starting to wear me down. Disappearing to a friend’s safe haven tomorrow afternoon and getting a massage at Jari Menari, my best recommendation for massages in Bali.

Also, remember to do some light exercise such as yoga or swimming and if you can try to meditate, it does deepen the experience. To help eliminate toxins you should also try dry brushing skin and massage.

You lose track of what you’ve taken if you get a bit off schedule so write that down.

It’s evening now and I felt hungry for the first time since Sunday. Just taken the herbs again so that might help.My eyes and cheeks are sunken in a bit and I’m a bit off colour but health wise feeling good.

Tomorrow is Day 4 or the 7 day program, and I’m insisting on some more me time! Wish me luck!

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