Bali Detox: Blog from the Bog Day 4


Thank goodness I woke up at 5.30am today, really couldn’t raise my head though but eventually managed a short meditation in bed. Today has been much more easy breezy for me. I honestly thought that I would lose my marbles not eating for this long but I feel calmer and more lucid than I have in ages. That said, I think the world would be a sad place if a tablet replaced food.

It’s not so much the eating but the preparing or the social element of dining . I think each food will have a super taste next week!

Even the enema was a cinch again today (as on Day 2). I keep being told that you usually have an emotional out-pour between days 3 to 5 but I guess all the work I did on myself over the last few years has paid off (irritation/frustration and anger on Day 3 aside!)

As promised (to myself) I took 3 hours off in the afternoon, and , thanks to a dear friend, I disappeared into her house with a good read.

I love Buddhist literature and this book (The Teachings of Lama Thubten Yeshe) was perfect. Lama Thubten Yeshe speaks about how food is pleasure followed by pain;

” When you are hungry, you are suffering. If you don’t eat when you are hungry, the hunger becomes greater and the hungry feeling of pain gets bigger and bigger. Then you begin to eat, you stop the hungry feeling and you call that happiness…To me it makes sense: when I begin to eat my dinner, to begin with their is always a sort of pleasure;but after eating I become uncomfortable – unfortunately, I must be a greedy monk!”

I thought I considered myself as a none comfort eater but that’s so untrue. When I leave it too long to nourish my body I eat a big bowl of pasta (salivating now like Pavlov’s dog!) and when I feel in pain the chocolate comes out.

Me and my man are both foodies and I’m really looking forward to enjoying each culinary experience slowly and with unattached joy post cleanse.

Thanks for all the kind words of support so far, it’s really helping me.

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