Bali Detox: Blog from the Bog Day 6

My oh my, did I crash this morning. Woke up at 4.50 and thought ‘let’s meditate’ then small-fry comes in 2 minutes later. After cuddling him in and then 3 hours of play, I felt like I couldn’t walk. Weird feeling, not heavy in the body, quite the opposite, but like my body totally put the brakes on.

Help arrived to whisk him off to play and I went back to bed with a magazine. I was so sleepy but the energy circulating around my body kept me alert. Cried at how kind my son was being towards me and felt incredibly grateful.

I waited until 11.30am and checked in with myself again and made the decision to cancel the colonic. I felt super vulnerable and couldn’t bare the thought of anyone touching me at all. The enema was a better option.

I haven’t felt any intestinal discomfort at all during this cleanse and really feel like, although it might seem more radical than cleanses with food, it’s actually been the most gentle.

Detoxes are unique to each individual and my cleanse facilitator explained that no two people are alike. Some have to hide their head under the covers all week, others feel worn out and emotional at the midway stage and my low happened to be Day 6. I try not to analyze a process like this or put expectations onto a cleanse. You know you’re doing a good thing for yourself and that’s my motivator.

I’ve had lots of comments on how clear my eyes look and I can see a difference. On Monday and Tuesday I had blood shot eyes which I don’t usually have and then they brightened right up

And, although my focus wasn’t weight loss at all, I did lose 3.5 kilos which I was carrying as additional weight around my stomach and hips (I call them my chicken fillets!) so I’m fitting into old trousers today without a muffin top!

So tired now so signing off until Day 7, the final fast day.

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