Bali Detox: Blog from the Bog Day 5

Well it’s Day 5 and I feel so happy because we’ve had over 100 people alone clicking on the blog yesterday and are up to nearly 5000 views. I’m so pleased that people are connecting with this and all the words of support are really helping me. I’m feeling pretty confident that we can work with this detox company, so look forward to some incredible cleanse retreats and programs in 2013.

I like the idea of bringing a group of stressed out individuals together in a gorgeous villa or the private island we’re working with and appropriating their mobile phones at the door for a week of cleanse, meditation, yoga and healing. We’ll call it a ‘Digital Detox’ . I’m writing it up now and the website should be online in November so look out for that.

Me and Rebecca Walker, ex Editor of Asia Spa Magazine today

Exited the house to welcome the awesome ex-Editor of AsiaSpa Magazine Rebecca Walker. Watch this space for an amazing collaboration in 2013.

Had a few women come up to me with questions and asking for cleanse details which was brilliant. I just realized that a lot of people want to know if you lose weight. In a world where every kilo is scrutinized, I try not to weigh myself (I like my food and tend to add weight easily so I keep fit with yoga and rpm). I have lost a couple of kilos, but it’s more about the experience. I feel like I’m renewing myself both physically and emotionally. I would suggest that, rather than focusing on the scales, look at it as the beginning of a healthier outlook on life and losing weight in a sustainable way if that’s your goal.

Its 7.30pm now and I’m dying to put small-fry to bed, read a few pages of that Buddhist book and nod off. Tomorrow I have the colonic, uncertain about that one! Let you all know how it goes and how it compares to the enema (which I now have a weird attachment too).

If you’re thinking of cleansing in Bali, even if you’re not up for a luxury week off work, please drop us a line at and we’ll give you details.

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