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Here at Soul Sanctuaries, we’re adding a Recovery section our Asian luxury portfolio and teaming up with Asia’s leading 5 star drug and alcohol rehabilition centre. As a luxury wellness travel company our regular offering includes 5 star detox, luxury fitness holidays across Asia, transformational self healing holidays and the like. So why add addiction recovery programs?

 The Cabin, Drug and Alcohol Rehab CenterGroup Counseling Session

There seems to be a general misconception that drug and alcohol addiction recovery centres are only either for poor souls who’ve found themselves homeless and destitute as an intravenous drug user or a luxury sanctuary away from the paparazzi. In reality, people from all walks of life may find themselves quietly questioning whether their drinking is getting out of control or whether the drug use that used to take the edge of the pressures of work has become problematic in their relationships and family life.

A lot of our current wellness travellers are wealthy burnt out executives in need of a respite from the demands of daily life. So, it made sense that we started to gain interest from those who thought that they might be struggling with their alcohol or drug intake.


Working with Asia’s top addiction treatment centre, The Cabin in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we are now able to refer our guests who are concerned with how alcohol or drugs may be affecting their lives. With a 96% treatment completion record (one of Asia’s highest), their inpatient treatment method is a physical and holistic program which is highly commended amongst the global medical community.

Here at Soul Sanctuaries we protect client anonymity and all initial contact is via email, online form or telephone. We then introduce you to the team of highly trained and licensed professional drug and alcohol counsellors at your 5 star rehabilition centre.

The Cabin, Drug and Alcohol Rehab CenterIncreasing endorphines with outdoor fitness

Addiction recovery programs can include counseling therapy, medical detox from alcohol or drugs and physical fitness therapy including sports such as mountain biking, yoga, aqua fitness training and body combat. Regular exercise has proven to increase endorphines and reduce cravings.

The Cabin, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Asia Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre

In keep with our overall offering, your chosen Asian drug and alcohol rehabilition centre offers 5 star luxury with all creature comforts. The holistic nature of these recovery programs lend themselves beautifully to the lush tropical surroundings and luxury resort setting. Far away from the usual triggers and in complete privacy and anonymity, participants have the best opportunity for highly effective and sustainable recovery.

If you are concerned about your use of alcohol or other drugs please feel free to browse the checklist below.

Problematic Alcohol and Drug Screening Questionnaire

1 – Have you ever decided to stop drinking or using drugs for a certain time?

Yes No

2 – Do you get annoyed when people complain about your drinking or drug use?

Yes No

3 – Have you ever switched from one kind of drink or drug to another in the hope that this would help you cut down?

Yes No

4 – Have you ever needed a drink or drug to help you wake up or go to sleep during the past year?

Yes No

5 – Do you envy people who can use drink or drugs without getting the consequences that you do?

Yes No

6 – Have you had problems connected with your drink or drug use during the past year? This might include financial, legal or relationship problems.

Yes No

8 – Do you ever ‘prime’ yourself by drinking or drugging BEFORE parties or social functions. Do you sneak off at these events to use drugs or have ‘extra’ drinks.

Yes No

9 – Do you tell yourself you can stop drinking or using drugs whenever you want but have never actually managed to do so?

Yes No

10 – Have you missed days of work because of drinking or drugging ?

Yes No


12 – Have you ever felt that your life is in a bit of a mess due to drink or drugs?

Yes No


5 or more yes answers may indicate problematic drug or alcohol use. Be sure to speak to addiction specialists when seeking help.

If you’re concerned about how your current alcohol or drug intake may be affecting your life, please contact us;


telephone: +85281912707

skype: soul-sanctuaries