Kundalini Yoga all your woes away?

This morning I headed off to my regular Kundalini class in Bali, which always makes me feel balanced and creative afterwards. Have to say I wasn’t feeling too great beforehand (hormonal chaos). If you’ve been to a Kundalini class before you’ll probably have experienced feeling physically exhausted during repetitive movements, but really pushing yourself beyond your preconceived limits. Well, after moving rapidly, breathing in sync and Sat Nam-ing my way through the class, I later totally lost my cool at the bank… not very Om to say the least!

Kundalini is the name of a dormant potential force situated at the root of the spinal column. In the masculine body it is in the perineum. In the female its location is at the root of the uterus, in the cervix. This centre is known as Mooladhara chakra. It is actually a physical structure which you could take out and press. Kundalini can be awaked in a gentle way through yogic techniques such as asanas, pranayama and meditation.

With the awakening of kundalini, a transformation is said to take place in life, a shift in our experiences and perceptions. The physical body can also undergo changes. When the shakti wakes up, the cells in the body are completely charged and a process of rejuvenation starts.

My experiences with Kundalini have been enlightening and have led me on a new spiritual adventure. The feeling of going past my limitations can make me feel like anything is possible. The freedom of movement and lack of judgement also allows for creative flow. But I’m still human and flawed and the poor lady at the bank copped it when I couldn’t withdraw cash without the full and ‘necessary’ paperwork. Oops, hoping that wasn’t my true self arising! Sat Nam.


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