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kamalaya sleep retreats

Kamalaya Sleep Enhancement Retreats

Are sleep retreats even a thing?

Why has sleep become such an issue, that Kamalaya Health Resort in Koh Samui felt the need to dedicate an entire wellness package to them?

In an age of constant, digital connectivity and unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices, sleep can become deprived. Along with long term stress, lack of sleep takes its toll on your quality of life.

Karina Stewart, Co-Founder of Kamalaya, gives us her best advice for improving quality of sleep.

Kamalaya Sleep Retreats

Kamalaya Simple Tips for Sleeping Better from Soul Sanctuaries on Vimeo.

What to expect from Kamalaya Sleep Retreats

The Kamalaya Sleep Enhancement programme is dedicated to enhancing the quality of sleep, releasing stress and improving overall health and wellbeing. This is achieved through healing treatments which include Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yoga, Pranayama (balanced breathing) and Meditation are also undertaken. Of course, any guest with Kamalaya benefits from the fantastic, group activities daily schedule and healthy meal choices too. Set by the sea, we’ve been sending our clients to Kamalaya for many years and always receive positive reviews:

 “ I can’t even capture in words how absolutely beautiful, inspiring, healing and nurturing the entire journey has been..” Selina, USA

“ I just wanted to say that my healthy holiday was amazing! I couldn’t fault the experience and will definitely be back..” M Betchley, Australia

We’ll be posting a series of video’s from Kamalaya to help with sleep issues, so watch out for those!

If you’d like a better night’s sleep, less stress and improved wellbeing, then maybe the Kamalaya Sleep Retreats are for you! Find out more by contacting us below:

email : info@soul-sanctuaries.com

contact . HK +852 8191 2707 or UK +44 2032906880

skype: soul-sanctuaries

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