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Injury Recovery Retreats in Asia

Injury Recovery Retreats are new to the luxury wellness scene and a welcome addition to our portfolio. We often have clients who have recently finished a marathon or Iron-Man event and are in need of more than a quick physiotherapy session. Why not unwind at a luxury wellness sanctuary and heal in the sunshine!

Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand has carefully developed a selection of wellness retreats which focus on individual holistic health. Their Sports Recovery and Rehabilitation program includes medical treatments such as IV vitamin infusions, moxabustion, laser acupuncture and physiotherapy. Infrared saunas, invigorating spa and targeted movement sessions help to strengthen weakened muscles, stretch tight areas of the body and rebalance the musculoskeletal system.

amanpuri wellbeing retreats

This intensive health retreat was designed for those with a sport’s injury, or are post illness and trauma. The effects of injury and illness creates compensation patterns in the body due to lack of strength and mobility and these often leading to further complications. In addition to this, injury and illness can also be emotionally exhausting, so we’re pleased that  Amanpuri address both physical and psychological health.

Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand is a well-established wellness resort, offering a super array of healthy holidays from Detox, Yoga, Fitness, Weight Loss, to the emotionally balancing Embracing Change. New to it’s offering is the Structural Revival Program, designed to tackle postural mis-alignment.

kamalaya structural revival

This luxury wellness retreat is a blend of holistic treatments, such as Thai Massage, with Physiotherapy, Myofascial Release and targeted Revival Exercises. Pilates strengthens the body and stabilizes the joints too.

Whether you are healing from a specific sport’s injury, post illness or generally feeling tension and stress in the body, let us know your aches and pains and we’ll create a tailored healthy vacation with you in mind.

(photos courtesy of Aman Resorts and Kamalaya)

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