How Tall Is Yung Miami City Girl

Title: Yung Miami (City Girl): Unraveling the Height of a Rising Star


Yung Miami, one half of the popular hip-hop duo, City Girls, has taken the music industry by storm with her unique style and infectious energy. As fans continue to admire her talent and persona, there is one burning question on everyone’s mind: How tall is Yung Miami? In this article, we delve into her height, along with five interesting facts about the artist. Additionally, we address some common questions that fans often have about Yung Miami, providing answers to satisfy their curiosity.

How Tall is Yung Miami?

Yung Miami stands tall at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm). Her petite stature does not diminish her commanding presence on stage or her ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

Five Interesting Facts about Yung Miami:

1. Rise to Stardom: Born as Caresha Romeka Brownlee on February 11, 1994, in Miami, Florida, Yung Miami rose to prominence as one half of the dynamic hip-hop duo, City Girls. Her collaborative efforts with her partner, JT (Jatavia Shakara Johnson), resulted in chart-topping hits such as “Act Up” and “Twerk.” Yung Miami’s distinct style and unapologetic lyrics have solidified her position as a rising star in the music industry.

2. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Yung Miami is not only a talented musician but also a savvy businesswoman. She launched her own clothing line called “Careless Clothing,” catering to fashion-forward women who embrace their individuality. Her entrepreneurial endeavors reflect her determination to leave a lasting impact beyond her music career.

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3. Personal Life: Yung Miami is a proud mother to two children. She welcomed her first child, Jai Wiggins, in 2014, and her second child, Summer Miami, in 2019. Despite the challenges of balancing motherhood and a thriving career, Yung Miami has managed to gracefully navigate both roles, inspiring other young mothers to pursue their dreams.

4. Philanthropy: Yung Miami is actively involved in philanthropic initiatives. She has supported various charitable organizations, including those focused on providing resources and opportunities to underprivileged communities. Her commitment to giving back showcases her compassionate nature and desire to make a positive impact on society.

5. Collaborations and Solo Projects: While City Girls remains her primary musical focus, Yung Miami has also ventured into solo projects. She has collaborated with renowned artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, and Lil Baby, further expanding her reach and solidifying her position as a versatile artist in the industry.

Common Questions about Yung Miami:

1. How old is Yung Miami?
Yung Miami was born on February 11, 1994, making her 29 years old in 2023.

2. What is Yung Miami’s height and weight?
Yung Miami stands at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall. As for her weight, it is not publicly disclosed as it is a personal aspect of her life.

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3. Is Yung Miami married?
No, Yung Miami is not currently married. However, she has been in a long-term relationship with producer Southside (real name Joshua Howard Luellen), who is also the father of her second child.

4. What are Yung Miami’s most popular songs?
Yung Miami’s most popular songs include “Act Up,” “Twerk,” “Jobs,” and “Kitty Talk.”

5. Has Yung Miami faced any legal issues?
Yes, Yung Miami faced legal challenges in the past. She served a brief prison sentence in 2018 for credit card fraud charges, during which her partner, JT, also served time.

6. What is Yung Miami’s real name?
Yung Miami’s real name is Caresha Romeka Brownlee.

7. Does Yung Miami have any siblings?
Yes, Yung Miami has a sister named Keenya Young.

8. What is Yung Miami’s net worth?
As of 2023, Yung Miami’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

9. What influences Yung Miami’s music style?
Yung Miami draws inspiration from renowned female artists such as Lil’ Kim, Trina, and Missy Elliott, who have paved the way for women in hip-hop.

10. How did Yung Miami and JT form City Girls?
Yung Miami and JT met in Miami in 2017 and formed City Girls with the vision of empowering women through their music.

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11. Is Yung Miami active on social media?
Yes, Yung Miami is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares updates about her music, personal life, and fashion endeavors.

12. Has Yung Miami won any awards?
Yung Miami has been nominated for various awards, including BET Hip Hop Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, but she has yet to win a major award.

13. Does Yung Miami have any upcoming projects?
As of 2023, Yung Miami has not announced any specific upcoming projects, but fans eagerly anticipate new music from her and City Girls.

14. What is Yung Miami’s message to her fans?
Yung Miami frequently expresses gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support and encourages them to embrace their unique qualities and strive for success.


Yung Miami’s height of 5 feet 2 inches may be petite, but her impact on the music industry is immeasurable. With her rise to stardom, entrepreneurial ventures, and philanthropic efforts, Yung Miami exemplifies determination and resilience. As fans continue to follow her journey, they eagerly await her next move, knowing that she will continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop.

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