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Holistic Healing with Nicky Kassapian

Here at Soul Sanctuaries, we make it our business to know authentic holistic healing experts and wellness practitioners in Asia. We’ve been referring clients to Nicky Kassapian for over a decade. As a holistic healing expert and life coach, Nicky helps others to step up and live life to its highest potential. Today,  she’s letting us into her world and giving us advice on healthy living.

Interview with a Holistic Healing Expert

For those who have never tried Energy Healing or Life Coaching, please explain what you do and how it helps others?

Transforming though authentic wisdom, I hold space, I guide and I support, a catalyst for transformation. Everything I do is sustainable and will be undertaken with grace and ease.

I listen, I trust and I allow, that which is wanting to happen, to happen. I assist you to become clear, to centre and to connect to yourself.  I create a safe space for the being I am working with and together, we enter into the space of allowing and trusting, so that whatever wishes to be seen and heard, and transformed, can do so with as much grace and ease as possible, no matter what the situation, and no matter which modality or combination of modalities we use. The innate intelligence of the being, already knows what it needs, and will draw the energy in, in precisely the way it needs to.  I honour that and empower others to do the same.

Can somebody still receive healing even if they are sceptical? 

Yes, if they wish to on some level of consciousness. Healing is a choice and not healing is also a choice. The practitioner is there to facilitate, create the space, to be the witness and the support.  It is the ‘somebody’ who allows the healing to occur. If somebody wishes to maintain the transformation after a treatment, they will need to make that choice too.

Self doubt or lack of self love, come up again and again on social media feeds. In an age of selfies, what advice can you give for looking within and finding your happy place? 

Simply, put your devices down and look around you. Stop comparing yourself with others. Consciously breathe and start to connect and engage in communication with others, and yourself. Everything is changing all the time, including you. Spend some time in nature. Start to practice self inquiry. Be kind to yourself and every time you do so you will discover more truth and you will gradually dissolve the layers of self criticism and self doubt. Kindness is key. My book Be Yourself – The Art of Stepping Up takes you on this journey. Nicky’s book is also available on audible here

What are most of your clients most in need of? 

Being heard, being seen and being accepted, just as they are in that moment. Love, in a truly unconditional sense. Being energetically held and supported in a non judgemental, clean, clear and compassionate space. Kindness and support, so they can be empowered to be exactly where they are right in that moment, with full acceptance. Then life begins to transform and gentle guidance can be received. We all need to practice self acceptance, forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves and then towards others.

Your book is called ‘Be Yourself- The Art of Stepping Up’, Be Yourself as opposed to what? 

As opposed to being what we think others want us to be, or being what we think they don’t want us to be.  We create ourselves to ‘fit in’ either from a desire to please or a resistance to do so.  In both cases we have missed the opportunity to show up genuinely and authentically.

In your book you talk about the world coming from us, as opposed to at us. Tell us more…

We like to think that the world is coming at us. It is not. The world is actually coming from us.  This is a move away from the external, from the ‘it is not my fault’ refrain, and from the blame and shame patterns, we have long operated through. Move over victim consciousness. It is a move towards taking personal responsibility for what is showing up in our lives and how we have played a part in its presence, in doing so, we are empowering ourselves with truth, to become the instrument of transformation.  That requires self honesty and acceptance, forgiveness of self and compassion.  It is profoundly liberating, for both ourselves and others.

With divorce rates rising every year, what is the Matrix of Love? 

The Matrix of Love expresses itself through the following attributes; trust, allowing, acceptance, forgiveness, unity consciousness, gratitude and integrity. Kindness to the self and others, and it creates space, freedom and peace.  It allows all beings to be valued and respected.  The matrix of love is the antithesis of the matrix of fear which is all about control, separation, limitation, restriction and victim consciousness. It creates contraction, pain and suffering. If you allow yourself to be seen and heard and communicate in a non violent, clear way and can allow your partner the same, then you can begin interacting without defensiveness and meet each other as you actually are, moment by moment in a more interdependent relationship.

Nicky’s Holistic Healing tips on navigating successful relationships?

Be Present

Be kind to yourself and the other

Be respectful

Celebrate each others gifts and bring out the best in each other

Leave gossip out of all your relationships


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