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My father loved chocolate and introduced me to dark and minty varieties at an early age. It was our special treat and something I still recall with joy now. From a young age, I got my son involved in the kitchen. I wanted to pass on my love of food and help him to have a healthy relationship with food and find the joy in cooking. We’ve made these cacao balls zillions of times and it never gets boring. Its always tasty and we both have a great sense of achievement afterwards. He always puts them proudly in his snack box.


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Best Cacao Balls ever recipe

¼ – ½ Cup raw cashews / almonds – chopped (almond meal is also a good and easy replacement)

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract or the seeds of about ½ pod

Handful of dates (chopped finely and soaked in water for about half an hour – discard water when adding to mix)

2-4 tablespoons raw cacao powder ( I grind cacao beans)

2 tablespoons of organic cold pressed coconut oil (if the weather is cold, you will have to warm this to make it liquid. To do this place in a bowl and sit over a saucepan with a little bit of simmering water – it melts very quickly) Add a bit more if you think there is not enough liquid

Mix all the ingredients together.You can blend it all together for a smooth consistency. I just mix it so the balls are chunky. Roll small amounts in your hands to make a ball.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge. (When the balls chill they will become more firm)

There are so many variations to this recipe.

Goji berries, chopped-up dried apricots, spirulina powder, soya milk if you like a more mild flavour. We like to roll them in a mix of ingredients; some cocoa powder or sesame seeds, coconut or plain raw!

Experiment with things you like and different amounts of the ingredients to make some yummy and healthy treats!

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Hope you all enjoy these and if you’re interested in a healthy holiday with the family, please do get in touch.

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