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Healthy Ageing and Bioidentical HRT

Much as we’d love to put the brakes on, the ageing process happens to us all. Healthy Ageing Retreats are designed to help alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal decline and allow you to regain vitality and purpose. Both men and women can suffer hormonal imbalance as they age; the menopause, although more talked about, is still stigmatised and men’s andropause is barely discussed.

sha wellness clinic
Image courtesy of Sha Wellness Clinic

Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) can restore hormonal balance to the system during this time of change, helping to prevent age-related illnesses. We love the approach of luxury healthy sanctuary Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain. Their ‘Healthy Ageing’ programs for both women and men include a personalised approach to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) or ‘natural hormone therapy’.

An initial medical assessment is followed by monitoring during the stay. This will also incorporate various medical consultations with specialists in particular areas, including genetics and anti-ageing, derma-aesthetics, cognitive stimulation, revitalising medicine, energy health medicine, and gynaecology. A personalised nutrition plan, individually tailored exercise program and a blend of holistic and medical treatments combine to help both male and female guests feeling more balanced and restored.

chiva-som watsu therapy

Exclusive Asian Health Resort Chiva Som wellness program ‘Natural Renewal’ combines emotional balance with physical rehabilitation. Guiding you to a healthy and positive state of mind and renewed vitality, Chiva Som holistic experts teach Meditation and Personal Fitness Training, as well as offering Acupuncture and Stress Release Therapy. These healthy holidays start from 5 nights and allow for access to the group, daily fitness and leisure activities as well as unlimited use of the water therapy suites, which include steam, sauna and Jacuzzi.

amanpuri luxury hotel phuket

Amanpuri’s ‘Life Reset’ immersion promises to “holistically lift you from a state of exhaustion and set you firmly in a place of balance, equilibrium and positivity”. Specifically designed to educate guests on stress management techniques and good nutrition, this healthy vacation in Thailand is entirely personalised throughout. Treating those suffering from burnout, due to poor lifestyle habits, overwhelming exhaustion and feelings of detachment, to tension headaches, skin breakouts and sleeplessness, Amanpuri ‘Life Reset’  allows our guests to physically, mentally and emotionally to face daily life with renewed energy, enthusiasm and confidence post wellness retreat.

If you’re feeling exhausted or in the throws of menopause or andropause, don’t suffer alone, why not hand over the healthy vacation organisation to us. Simply let us know how you’re feeling and let Soul Sanctuaries create something with you in mind.

email: info@soul-sanctuaries.com

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